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Here's a recipe for making pumpkin jam.

It is very easy to make, you just need to pay some attention. Plus, there is also a bonus!

Step 1:

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Let's start!

You will need:

- Large pumpkin, around 9Kg/18pounds
- Sugar
- Salt
- Cinnamon
- Nuts

Start by cutting open the pumpkin and remove the seeds carefuly so as not to remove the fruity filaments they lie in, as they give texture to the jam.
Wash the seeds thoroughly and save them.

Cut the pumpking in small pieces, removing the bark, and wash it. Put the pumpkin pieces in a large pot with water. Boil it until it's soft.
Patxipt (author) 2 years ago
This goes great with cheese. Try it!
tdybdahl2 years ago
so, no water is added this time??
Patxipt (author)  tdybdahl2 years ago
You are correct. We only need water to cook the raw pumpkin.

Here we are reducing the pulp and caramelizing the natural/added sugar contents.

Let me know how it went for you!
artworker2 years ago
Super cool! Made it on the weekend!
My recipie:
Thin arrowroot/ cream cracker
Chese slice on top
Dollop of chilled Pumpkin jam on top

Awesome breakfast!
Patxipt (author)  artworker2 years ago
I'm glad you've liked it! That's exactly a delicious way to eat the jam. Another I use regularly is on simply a bun for in betwen meals at work.

Try it with fresh ricotta. You'll be amazed by the taste, a true delight for the pallate!