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I made this costume for my 5 year old son Reid.

Step 1: How I Made This Costume

I started off with four key pieces that I bought at the Thrift store, overalls, plaid shirt, brown boots and plastic pumpkin. I made the head out of paper mach, spray paint, burlap and acrylic paint. Gloves where made out of brown felt and fabric stiffener. I disstressed the overalls with black paint, twine stitching, burlap, creepy fabric, and raffia.

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seamster (author)2014-11-04

This looks like a great costume. Did you happen to take any photos of the process making it? I think people would love to see how this was done, especially that great pumpkin headpiece!

There are some great tips in this guide, if you felt so inclined to make any additions or changes to this instructable:

jenpen4u (author)seamster2014-11-04

Yes! I have pictures of the process I will try and upload them thank you for the nice comments

seamster (author)jenpen4u2014-11-04


This would make an excellent full-on, step-by-step instructable. Leave me a note if you do that, as I'd love to come back and see how this was all done!

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