Pumpkin Shoes for a Little Pumpkin





Introduction: Pumpkin Shoes for a Little Pumpkin

My little boy managed to damage his leather (like) shoes so we decided to 'fix' them!

Step 1: Latex

I decided to use latex as a base coat. As latex is flexible it should not crack easily.

Step 2: Layers

My little one and I put three layers of latex in total. We let each layer dry for about two hours to put the other one on of course. I cleaned the edges with wet wipes ( after finishing each layer off). See pics above

Step 3: Masking Tape and Orange Acrylic Spray Paint

After finishing and drying all three layers of latex, I put a masking tape all over the shoes and sprayed them with orange acrylic spray paint. I sprayed 3 layers in total.

Step 4: Masking Tape Off

I left the shoes to dry overnight. We took the masking tape off in the morning and started drawing a pumpkin face on them, using a permanent marker!

Step 5: Pumpking Shoes Are Ready for My Little Pumpkin

So here we are! My little boy doesn't want to take them off :-)



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These shoes are soooo cute!!! If I had a child I would totally try it, whether or not the shoes were ruined..!

Thank you Giorgia 14. :-) I am planning to make my own shoes a bit funky now - with a different picture of course :-)

I'd love to see your work when finished!!

Thank you :-) I thought so too. Wanted to make a different colour and picture before but as it is Halloween - we went for a pumpkin theme.