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    where's the instructable? I cant find it just comments

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    It looks like the author deleted it's content...

    I hope the lake is colorful this year! Last year was a disaster. Leaves fell before we could enjoy the colors. So no kayaking last year. Maybe this year will be better.

    I'd love to build one of these, but this instructable isn't too detailed. Maybe you could be more detailed in the measurements of each piece and more pictures.

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    Detailed, ? Its one piece of plywood, canvas, glue and some strips of wood! Its not rocket science! Give it a go! You can do it!

    Indigo: No problem. If you google "rathburn folding kayak" or "rathburn Popular Mechanics" or similar combinations you should retrieve several sets of instructions with measurements et.al. Some of them have so-so drawings but some others are really very good. All of them describe the same design originated by schoolteacher Jess E. Rathburn.
    There is also another instructable for a yellow version of this same design nicely built by a lady.
    To digress: Some ten years ago, a gentleman by the name of Pax Rolfe built the same folding kayak but he used coroplast instead of plywood (you may google it for a couple of photos). It seems like a great idea, though I wonder how he managed to glue the top and bottom together, as coroplast is reluctant to bond to most ordinary glues.

    What about a 5-6" high wood rim wall around the cockpit? That would make it more impervious to sinking in choppy water

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    You know I was thinking about your comment. I would not take this little kyak out in choppy water ! You would be asking for trouble! Better go buy a kyak built for rapids. FYI

    Wow, 53,899 views! Who would have thought this would be so popular! Thank all of you for your positive comments!

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    56,084 ! whose counting this ?

    I can't believe it! The plywood is the size of the Kayak, no bigger no smaller. Yet people can not cut out the two halves ? Come on people do it! It's not rocket science!

    yes, but I made a modification to it will not happen, to put a little overboard.