Pumpmaster 760 to Airsoft




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Introduction: Pumpmaster 760 to Airsoft

I modded my pumpmaster 760 to shoot airsoft bbs. I'll probably make an instructable sometime, maybe, if i get enough interest.



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    This is beast mode i'll have to try this sometime

    nice I have 2 pumpmasters and would like to convert one of them

    Please tell me you don't shoot at people with this... Please...

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    actually, I do. it doesn't shoot as hard with airsoft bbs, not sure if I'm loosing pressure because of the barrel or something. surprisingly it doesn't hurt much more than my JG m4 even when pumped completely

    Huh. what kind of barrel are you using?

    one from a wallmart shotgun LOL. It's probably something like 6.15 mm

    Well, that could be one problem. You should get this chrono'd.

    I recognize that carpet.

    you should definitely do an instructable so i can do this

    Good work! I like the scope.

    Did you bore out the original barrel, or did you replace it? I'm just wondering why you would modify it so?

    Some friends of mine I take our pumpmaster 760s hunting for squirrel, rabbit, pheasant, and other small game birds. My pumpmaster is 25 years old. The ages of us guys range from 35 to 42. We hunt with them because some areas don't allow firearms (blackpowder/gunpowder) for hunting, and we enjoy the challenge.

    Just keep that in mind if you can reverse your modification, although the pumpmaster 760 is relatively inexpensive.

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    Thanks, i replaced it with an airsoft barrel so i can snipe with it. I could have converted it back, but I cut the barrel without thinking, i used to hunt rabbits with it but it didn't seem to do anything to them.