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This is a backpack that I finished just last night after about eleven days of solid handsewing. The patterns are somewhat improvised - I will explain where as the project progresses (definitely read through the WHOLE process before you start! and don't feel like you HAVE to do EVERYTHING just like I have it here... variate! I'm certainly going to, in future versions of this piece).

The Eyes zipper open and shut and there are four button-close pockets on the sides. The entire pack is lined.

I searched things like "skull" "kitty" "back pack" "punk" and a number of other related terms on etsy... went shopping for fabric at JoAnn's with my friend, took some inspiration from the world around me...bought the wrong zipper, bought the right zipper... and had a ball, and tried to take lots of pictures.

If you love this piece but are more interested in purchasing a finished project than you are pursuing the task, please contact me thru etsy to place a Custom order. Thank you for viewing and happy handiworking!

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Step 1: Read though EVERYTHING

Picture of Read though EVERYTHING
It helps. Just sayin'. Ask me questions if you need to, I'll answer as soon as I can >^.^<

Step 2: Gather materials!

Picture of Gather materials!
2012-06-14 11.45.33.jpg
2012-06-14 11.46.07.jpg
2012-06-14 11.49.33.jpg
This part can be lots of fun :) I like shopping trips with friends the best. Sometimes we coordinate online to figure things out.

You will need:

Two fabrics - either from the bolt or in the form of large, recyclable clothing (I like to go "fabric shopping" at the goodwill). One fabric will serve as the outside and one should be tough to withstand the wear and tear of being the inside of a backpack...I have used canvas in the past. I like the Plaid fabric because it seemed resilient.

two 7" zippers of your style and color choice
one 24" zipper of your style and color choice
four D-rings, fairly large
four buttons of your style and color choice
many pins
scissors - both thread cutters and shears
possibly a seam ripper

(everything but small scissors, pen/sharpie and seam ripper pictured)
Tarls12341 year ago

That is so awesome!! I reckon you could do a kitty one thats actually a full kitty, not just the face. But I really cannot wait to make this!!

Oh wow - I love, love love it!
BarginsTech3 years ago
Soooo cuutteee!! Has character and i love plaid! :P if you add ironing your folded back seams to your process you will get cleaner lines even if you hand stitch (not that there is anything wrong, just a tip!). Very well done lost of pictures! Doing one myself too!!! And i think i will try a longer kitty shape! Maybe with paw pockets too!! Hmmm the ideas you have given me!! Thanks! :D
DesAlouettes (author)  BarginsTech3 years ago
Thank you Bargains!! I have heard of the ironing technique, you're totally right. thanks :)
That's so cool you're making one!!! omgosh. I'd love to see a photo of the finished bag, paw pockets sound like a supercute idea <3
Haha thanks!! I just need to figure out how to work everything together and actually complete a project i start! ^_^; you will get pictures when that happens though! :D
Meeeooooowwww !!!! Steampunkin' Boho Kitty BackPack like I've never seen before ! Super sharp illustrations/photos with articulate and specifif directions ~~ your creative prowess acknowledges one's possibilities, as you continue to pursue your passions and accommodate others' fancies. Puuuurrrrrfectly fun and functional >^-^<
DesAlouettes (author)  annettebaldt3 years ago
thank you annette!! this is so sweet of you to say. i really tried to make this a great instructional piece, even though I know my methods are a little avant-garde >^.^<