Hey, we previously posted a proof of concept instructable here, and just last week we built a full-on version for an exhibition in Seville called Over The Game @ Zemo98.

This instructable is for an exhibition version of the original game concept.

So, here we go!

t - j - m

Step 1: Things You NEED

WIRE (lots of it and preferably solid hookup... we use 22 guage).
1 usb pc game controller
1 designed box for the installation
1 flash for professional photography
1 arduino, with a relay setup for triggering the flash
1 computer
1 projector + ceiling mount
1 pillow (we use 2 layers, 1x 8cm thick firm foam + 1x 2cm thick soft foam, both 75x100cm)

soldering bits, lots of tape and some thin foam for touch pads
so damn awesome!... <br>one thing tho, whoever is playing in that video at the end needs to brush up on his punch out skills =P
I&nbsp;freaking love it.

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