Picture of PunchOut!!! The Real Installation...
Hey, we previously posted a proof of concept instructable here, and just last week we built a full-on version for an exhibition in Seville called Over The Game @ Zemo98.

This instructable is for an exhibition version of the original game concept.

So, here we go!

t - j - m

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Step 1: Things You NEED

WIRE (lots of it and preferably solid hookup... we use 22 guage).
1 usb pc game controller
1 designed box for the installation
1 flash for professional photography
1 arduino, with a relay setup for triggering the flash
1 computer
1 projector + ceiling mount
1 pillow (we use 2 layers, 1x 8cm thick firm foam + 1x 2cm thick soft foam, both 75x100cm)

soldering bits, lots of tape and some thin foam for touch pads

Step 2: Getting There

Picture of Getting There
After working at Visualizar'09 in Madrid all night, catch a train to Seville at 6am, and immediately have a nap at your hotel (1hr)

Step 3: The Venue

Picture of The Venue
Wake up and walk across the street to the exhibition venue and take a picture.

Step 4: Checking In

Picture of Checking In
Get in, check out the equipment they gave you, make sure the computer works and that the NES emulator runs fine in full screen mode... Add Arduino and the MAX/MSP player.

Step 5: Try and abandon terrible cheap controllers.

Picture of Try and abandon terrible cheap controllers.
get your controller out and start trying to make it work... then vainly realize that you've destroyed one already, try again on another, and vainly realize that the controller itself is designed very strangely and abandon all hope with these ones (after a couple hours)... P.S. these controllers were 8 euro each, so it's not such a hit to break them and forget about them.

Step 6: Check out the Flash

Picture of Check out the Flash
In the meantime, check out the flash they've bought and make sure it works well and can be triggered by an Arduino... There should be a trigger pin on the back where you can hook up a cable.

Step 7: Check out the box

Picture of Check out the box
Have a look at the box you asked to have built... It's always nice to see things you create in 3D come to life (we used rhino to make the design diagrams)... Make sure your punching pillow fits in the top slot.

tritian1 year ago
so damn awesome!...
one thing tho, whoever is playing in that video at the end needs to brush up on his punch out skills =P
I freaking love it.