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Introduction: Punk Rock Tutu

I made this using the Tulle Pettiskirt tutorial here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=298574.0
This is the first time that I have used a sewing machine in this capacity. I have never made anything wearable before. I don't think this will be falling apart anytime soon. :o) I'll be wearing it with wings and a shirt I plan to freezer paper print. The idea is to be a "punk rock faerie".



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    I found it here:


    This instructable isnt really an instructable. I made it to enter a contest 2 years ago, but did not want to take credit for the tutorial, because she did such an awesome job creating it... and because that would just be wrong. I left it up because it was the best tutorial I've seen, and I wanted to show people the product of said tutorial. :o) hope you find it as awesome as I did.

    Wow, that tutorial is amazing! Thanks for posting it here!

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    The math part was a pain, but it worked out. She made it for her little girl and that formula translated for a voluptuous woman!

    theemil, I know! I couldn't in good conscience take credit for such comprehensive instructions and pictures! I love my tutu and no body can believe that I made it!