Picture of Puppet Climbing Chalk Bag
Chalk bags are how you show your personality at the gym or local bouldering area. Make sure everyone and their brother knows you're a boss with this DIY chalk bag! 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make your chalk bag you'll need your favorite puppet or golf club head cover and a bunch of felty material. The material I used was left over and found in our scrap materials bin. You'll want something a little nappier than suede but not quite as nappy as felt. It should hold the chalk in the bag but not absorb all the chalk, feel the inside of a store bought chalk bag if you're really stuck. You'll need about a yard per bag unless you are a super high efficiency cutter. You'll also need a length of string and a little clamp end to tighten the string like a draw string. For the puppet just try not to pick something too bulky as you'll be carrying it when you climb. 

Step 2: Sewing The Chalk Bag

Picture of Sewing The Chalk Bag
The idea here is to make a little can shaped bag that fits on the inside of the puppet.

- Measure the circumference of the opening of the puppet and cut a circle of material with a similar circumference.

- Measure the depth of your puppet and cut a rectangle of felt with the depth as length of one side and the circumference as the length of the other. (This depth should not be greater then 2/3 the height of your hand.)

- Sew ends of the rectangle together that are the length of the depth.

- Next sew the circular piece of material to the bottom of your loop and be sure that the material you want to feel is on the inside of the bag. 

- Finally, flip the edge of the bag over and sew it to the bag leaving a little opening to feed the string into and out of. The idea here is to create a little sleeve to put a draw string through. Feed the string through and cut it at an appropriate length and attach the string clamp. 
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