Picture of Puppet Theatre
I've been asked by a local school here in Thailand to build a puppet theatre. After doing a little research on the net, I came up with this design.
I played a bit on the design for the foldable wings, but in the end opted for butterfly wings.
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Step 1: The Mock Up

Picture of The Mock Up
I've never made a puppet theatre, so to make sure that 2 puppeteers will be able to sit comfortably next to each other, I made a mock up with a box I had laying around the house. Amazingly, it appears to be the perfect size for the theatre!
The front part is 130cm wide and 165cm high. The wings are each 65 cm wide.
I'm planning to use a 10 to 12mm thick wood boards. 
The wings will be attached to the front by 2 hinges on each side.

The window is 110cm wide and 60cm high.

Step 2: Wings

Picture of Wings
Here is my butterfly wings design.
I will cut the wings into shape. (around the thick line). As for the inner design of the wing, I'm not sure how I will do it.
Either just paint them on in different colours (easier), or cut them out and cover the holes with coloured textiles from behind (time consuming, but more beautiful imo and also more lightweight).
Let's see...

Step 3: Decorative Pre-cut Planks

Picture of Decorative Pre-cut Planks
Here in Thailand it's easy to find these beautiful Thai style wooden planks. They use them for fences, roof decorations and stair railings. They are cheap, lightweight and 12mm thick....perfect.

The dragons are supposed to be inlays on the front of the theatre, one on each side. (picture 1 and 2)

The flower/plant plank will go just under the window...but I'm not yet sure about this one. (picture 3)

The pieces in picture 4 and 5 will be attached on the top of the front section.

(This is a work in progress. I will add pictures as I'm building along, so be patient :-)
sarakenobi1 year ago

This is really gorgeous, is it tippy? I'm afraid it looks so heavy I wouldn't want it to fall over and land on someone in the audience? I'm looking for plans to build one for my library :) your's is so pretty!

Mankut (author)  sarakenobi1 year ago


It is quite heavy, but due to the position of the wings, plus the small legs at the front make it quite stable, both front and back. Of course, if one of the kids really wants to make it fall over....

poofrabbit1 year ago
Neat! I can't wait to see it all done, please keep us posted!