Picture of Puppet theater from broken monitor!

Welcome to my first Instructable!!!! I'm entering it into the Dead Computer Contest, so please vote for me!! :)

My goal for this project was to use as much found or discarded items in the build as I could, almost all the parts were salvaged from the dumpster at my work.

No animals were harmed in making this project, but some were very annoyed.

I'm not an expert on anything electronic but from what I am told the inside of the monitor may be dangerous. The tube has harmful vapors, and the electronics can still hold a charge for months after it is unplugged. Open the monitor at your own risk, and I am in no way responsible for any harm that may befall you. With that being said I hope you like my instructable. Constructive criticism and other ideas are welcome!!

Step 1: Tools and supplies

Picture of Tools and supplies
So here is a basic list of tools and supplies that I used in this project.

Safety glasses
Rotary tool
Cutting bit
Sanding bit
Utility knife
Hot glue gun
Screw driver
Snips/Wire cutters
Straight edge
Tape measure
Sand paper

Monitor (obviously)
Cardboard or some sturdy substrate (I used corrugated plastic and some double ply poster board)
Craft foam
Masking tape
Paint (spray and liquid)
Paint brushes
Spray adhesive or glue stick
Metal rod or stick of some kind for puppets (I have no children so I don't know a child safe alternative, suggestions welcome!!!)

Other useful items:
Photo editing software
Computer paper  for printing out puppets

If this is your first Instructable, I can't wait to see your next one. Absolutley stellar!!! I subscribed!
hughscott5 (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Thanks!!!! I'm not quite sure what I want to make yet, I've been tossing a couple of ideas around though. :)
gantsa4 years ago
U R GR E A T !
gurusean5 years ago

That's really cool an step number 3 was a nice touch.

kiri_z865 years ago
you're the coolest!
luvit5 years ago
 i wish i thought of this. i just buried a 20" crt in my front yard. 
hughscott5 (author)  luvit5 years ago
May I ask why did you bury it?
 to save the landfills. i'm green, ya know.
hughscott5 (author)  luvit5 years ago
Haha Awesome!!
This is really cool!  Very nicely crafted background too. 

I was wondering, what did you do with the leftover parts from the inside?  (Picture tube, circuits, etc.)

I've done a project where I cleaned out a monitor.  I couldn't find a use for the inside parts and couldn't find a way to recycle them (because there are a multitude of materials).  I eventually had to settle and take the parts to a landfill.
hughscott5 (author)  skittlespider5 years ago
I was able to recycle the tube at a local electronics recycling center. There is about 10 off them here in Colorado. If there isnt one around you, watch the local news papers, a lot of times local schools or churhes will do them periodically.

As for the circuit board, I'm saving it so a co-worker can teach me how some of the parts work. He said that most of the transistors have long enough pins to be re used.

What was you project? 
I basically gutted the monitor like you did.  But instead of a puppet theater, I put a lot of old video game consoles in it.

Here is a link if you are interested:
hughscott5 (author)  skittlespider5 years ago
That is awesome!!! How have I never seen this before!!!
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
ewilhelm5 years ago
You've captured the likeness of the robot(s) perfectly!
hughscott5 (author)  ewilhelm5 years ago
Thanks, I thought it was only fitting to use them. I thought a vamp robot would totally hang out in a dark forest!

Also I want to thank you for this web site, it is amazing, it takes up my free time and I'm thankful for it! :)