The idea came when i was trying to draw something new to sew
so ya drew lots till that came out ! i think it took me 1 hour to draw till the idea came out

Hope the small steps of how to make it helps you in making one!
not really good in ordering pictures
some times I sew and I forget that I need to take pictures so ya! if you see any gaps youd know i forgot to take a picture :q
Steps of 20 Photos
Took me 2 days to make it , It could take you allot less
Its just i started late night


Enjoy =)


Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

What you need:
-Felt fabric
-A Soft piece of fabric "for the inside of the pouch"

Note: Draw a sketch of what your making so you can look at it from time to time to remember what exactly your doing
Awesome! btw loving the UAE cash!!! havent seen them in ages!:)
Excellent! Way to go :0)
So cute. I loved it.
Hmmm, looks cool! I have to try it sometime! I've put off getting a purse/ wallet for too long...
I love this! And best of all, it doesn't require a sewing machine, which I have yet to master. :)
I think it;ll look tidier if was used with a sewing mechine XD but then ud mess out all the hand hard work xD and mostly the fun!!
that is super cool. Excellent job.
Thank you <sup>_</sup><br/>

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