Puppy Sweater : Recycled Socks





Introduction: Puppy Sweater : Recycled Socks

When I first got Mia, she could sit in the palm of my hand. At night she would cuddle in her blanket, trying to stay out of the cold. As a toy breed, not even the XS dog sweaters would fit her. Here is a inexpensive way to recycle old socks for small dogs or puppies. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Step 2: Draw a Straight Line Near the Toe Part of the Sock With a Sharpie.

Step 3: Cut Off the Tip of the Sock on the Line Drawn.

Step 4: It Should Look Like This.

Step 5: At the Heel Part of the Sock, Fold Over a Small Section.

Step 6: Make a Small Cut Through Both Sides of the Sock. (This Will Be Holes for the Legs.)

Step 7: Stick Your Finger in the Hole, to Make Larger.

Step 8: Repeat Last Step to the Other Side Hole. Put on Puppy and See If Adjustments Need to Be Made. If the Hole Is Not Large Enough Make Small Cuts Until Hole Is Correct Size.



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    I have made so many of these. my chiweenie loves them...I used men's old hunting socks and cut the top off and use the toe part of the sock as a little hat.

    I will try this hopefully my pup will like it.

    Adorable, he reminds me of my mini lop

    Awe!! Cute dog!! What type is she? I made one of these sweaters out of an old leg warmer for my friends pit bull puppy

    Omg that is super cute . I wish I had a little dog . great idea

    I love love love this idea!!

    Thank you for the positive feedback!!!
    :) Yes, she is too cute!!!

    OMG! Illegally adorable. Great reuse of materials and a good job.

    Wow I can't believe your cute puppy is so small!!! This is adorable - great detailed instructable! :) Thanks!