I love Air Paint . You can make an easy Purple Air Paint in only One Minute !!

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First , collect the components.

1 Blue LED
1 Red LED
1 660 ohm Resistor
1 9 Volt Battery
1 Push Button
4 Jaw Connectors


Connect the circuit as shown in diagram. The Positive Pin of the LED is the Taller One.

Hold the circuit by your both hands.

Step 1: Setup & Start Painting

You need a Bulb Mode camera or software. I used Slow Shutter on my iPod.

Settings of the program are shown here.

Start Painting by pressing and releasing the Push Button with your friend holding the camera and shooting your AirPainting.

Happy Painting.

Thank you for reading my instructable.
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<p>So cute! I put it on a small perfboard. </p>

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