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I love the way this look has come out. It is very dramatic and colorful and ideal for this time of year for any parties you may have to go too.

I would love to know what you think :D

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So first what you are going to want to do is take a white liner and sketch where you are wanting the cut crease to go. This makes it easier as you can judge everything better rather than guessing and messing it up.

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Then taking a dark purple you are going to want to draw above the white line you have just drew. I then pulled the purple up towards the brow slightly to help blend this out. I then take a fluffy brush and go over this in a windshield motion to also blend this out further. You are going to want to go back and forth with this step until you are happy.

Step 3:

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Then you are going to want to take a black eye shadow and go along the line on the outer corner of your eye and then blend this out into the purple keeping it off the lid.

Step 4:

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Then I took 3 shades of pink and blended this into the purple and out into the crease. I started of with a really light pink and got a shade darker each time until I was happy. Then go in with the fluffy brush and blend this out.

Step 5:

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Then I go in with a bit of concealer and take this up into the line that I created. I do this as it cleans up the line and removes anything that may have gone onto the lid.

Step 6:

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I then go over the concealer with a white eye shadow to set this. I take this right up into the line.

Step 7:

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I then take a silver glitter pencil and draw along the cut crease line. This helps blend it all in together and add a special something.

Step 8:

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Then I went in with some eyeliner and applied this on the top and lower lid. I created a wing with this too.

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To finish this I applied some mascara and then my false lashes. This just helps them blend in together and really opens up your eyes and makes them very dramatic.


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