Picture of Purple Fried Breakfast
The Purple part of the awesome breakfast series.
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Step 1:

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Coarsely chop a purple onion and toss it in a pan to saute.

Step 2:

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While the pan is heating up, chop up some broccoli. Just separate the flowerettes, but chop the stalks much finer.

Step 3:

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Once the onions are just sizzling, toss in the broccolli.

Step 4:

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Cut a red bell pepper into rings.

Step 5:

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Toss the pepper into the pan.

Step 6:

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Clear a spot in the vegetables and start cooking some eggs. Here, each cleared spot got the whites from two eggs.

Step 7:

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Flip the eggs over to cook the other side.

Step 8:

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Add a big handful of fresh spinach...

Step 9:

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Then pull the eggs out and add a chopped tomato. I used an heirloom yellow tomato.

Step 10:

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Cook until the spinach and tomato have just lost their water. Turn off the heat, and stir in some roasted red pepper sauce. I used a Perfect Pear: roasted pepper and pear vinagrette.

Step 11:

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Serve with a slice of lemon.