Want a cheap and fun way to pass out candy this Halloween?  Look no further!  This instructable will teach you how to create your very own Halloween Candy Monster as well as give you tips and ideas for other uses for this instructable. 

Let's get Started!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To create a monster like mine you will need the following materials.  However, do not limit yourself to these materials, let your imagination run wild!

1 - 5 - Large School Glue Containers (or you could just buy a gallon of white school glue, it's handy stuff)
1 - Bottle(s) of various craft acrylic paint, school grade will work as well
1 - Can Gold Spray Paint
1 - Cardboard Cone
1 - 5 - Industrial Cardboard Paper Towel Rolls (I asked Wal-mart to save me theirs)
1 - Five Gallon Bucket (I asked the school cooks for this)
1 - Gallon House Paint (color of your choice...for the main color of your monster)
1 - Package of Google Eyes
1 - Roll Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn (Found this at Wal-mart)
1- Razor blade or x-acto knife
1 to 2 - Cans of Great Stuff Foam Insulation
1 to 2- Rolls of Masking Tape
1 - Plastic Drop Cloth
1 - Hot Glue Gun and Glue
2 - Flat Bed Sheets (or any material)  (I ask for such things every spring when people are cleaning)
2 - Hollow Rubber Bouncy Balls (I found these at a Dollar Tree)
3 - Small Butter Containers  (ask around people tend to save these or will save them for you)
5 - 10 - Cardboard Egg Creates (ask around people will save things for you if you ask nicely)
This is really cute, my boys adore it! Very well done!
Thanks so much! You should make them one :)
Ahhhhh! So cute!
Thank you! I need to get a pic of it filled with candy candy candy, lol

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