Picture of Purple Mask
This was originally going to be like a regular pair of glasses and not a mask, but along the way the direction changed.  This is all pretty much free-form crocheting.  There isn't any pattern, but I took a lot of photos.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This instructable does not need very many supplies:

crochet cotton- purple (of course) and also some blue and yellow- alternative yarns would probably work just as well as well-(I used two strands of Craft Thread together for the yellow on this mask as I didn't have any yellow cotton.)

tapestry needle
needle threader

crochet hook/s- started with an 'E' hook, but after finishing the outline, switched to a 'B' hook.  The reason being that it was smaller than the 'E' and I had overlooked it earlier when gathering supplies,  As is probably evident by now, I'm self taught- was just thinking maybe smaller hook might be better(?)

and an old pair of glasses

Step 2: Cover The Frames

Picture of Cover The Frames
This is just single crocheting around all of the frames- the side pieces too!  I kind of liked them with just the outline. Pay no mind to the weird dates on the photos- new camera- haven't messed with it yet.

Step 3: Hiding The Threads

Picture of Hiding The Threads
It seems easier to work without lots of threads hanging all over- just string the loose ends through a needle and weave them into the crochet work.
dismissie (author) 2 years ago
thanks jessyratfink!
I love the idea of making the mask around the frames - wonderful! :D