A 3D printer that prints things out of purple wool blocks and cobblestone filler.
<p>That is so cool</p>
<p>pretty clever, but the fact that you're there holding purple wool and cobblestone is somewhat suspicious. ;)</p>
<p>well you have to put in the blocks themselves, the machine just moves them </p>
<p>oh my god. This is perfection.</p>
<p>Does this actually work?</p>
<p>I know, right!?</p>
<p>teach us how to make it </p>
<p>*Mind blows to pieces* </p>
<p>Teach me how to make one!</p>
<p>Can you post a video of it in action</p>
<p>Can you please offer it as a map for download?</p><p>Its EPIC!!!!</p>
u have a talent!
I want to make it
Albino moose text me 919-820-2276 something that I'm not goina blow this for
How did you make it
Cool man have you worked out the bugs for 1.5.2? Because my monelstable broke because of this update :,(
nice design, it only takes so long to build something :p
Could you put a download link for it.(I know somebody already asked this and you replied but it wouldn't let me reply to your comment.) <br> <br>I would use Dropbox(dropbox.com), Because you can install a dropbox program and use it for awesome cloud storage. But if you don't want all that awesome just use mediafire.com
http://www.mediafire.com/?eahlrqbsdoim9nx <br> <br>Here is the link ^
Could at least put a link for us "instructablists". What would be very kind is a guide! Nice build!<br/>
can you give the world link?? I'm curious how it works ;) <br>Nice work!!
I'm not sure where to upload it to, have any suggestions?
Full ible' would be great! I am definitly not good at the redstone.
Hmm... I might do that soon
cool thanks!
you should give a link to the map plz
Wow this is so cool! Love it!

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