Purple Monsters for Valentine's Day





Introduction: Purple Monsters for Valentine's Day

I searched my heart and came up with the perfect solution for a Valentine's Day present. I asked myself what would my valentine want more than anything else for the big 'V Day' (apart from me of course) I came up with the present that says everything, the present that keeps on giving even after Valentine's Day is long gone. The present that's knitted from the heart! What is that perfect present? .....why - a purple valentine's day monster! After all, purple is for passion!

All my "monsters" were knitted with oddments of purple yarns and are roughly based on a Jean Greenhowe pattern for the green monster "Big Bobby" taken from her knitting booklet The MacScarecrow Clan http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/macscarecrow.html



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From the front, these look like teddy bears to me!! Cool 'ible tho!

My Craft BlogThey are adorable. I sew critters but can't find the patience to knit- I applaud your talent

How cute! Great Slideshow, I love all of them, especially the octopus!

Octopus ? Have I gone blind now :..-.( I can't find that. But yeah, they are cute.