I love mood light , so I decided to build a motion controlled mood light.

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Step 1: The Electronic Circuit


The circuit is simple. It consists of the Microcontroller, Accelerometer and 6 LEDs.
1 Microchip PIC  16F917  (or any Microcontroller of your choice)
1 Analog Devices  ADXL206 (or any Accelerometer of your choice)
3 Red LEDs
3 Blue LEDs
1 40 PIN Socket
1 8 PIN Socket
1 9 Volt Battery
1 9 Volt Battery Connector
1 Holed board


As shown in the diagram.

First, you need to assemble the circuit, solder the parts then program the software that does all functions.
The programmer is a circuit I built myself before . The 16F917 programmer you can find it in my blog here. PicProm

You can find the programmer in the following instructable:


amazing, i like mood light and what it makes

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