Picture of Purple Mood Light Cube
I love mood light , so I decided to build a motion controlled mood light.

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Step 1: The Electronic Circuit

Picture of The Electronic Circuit


The circuit is simple. It consists of the Microcontroller, Accelerometer and 6 LEDs.
1 Microchip PIC  16F917  (or any Microcontroller of your choice)
1 Analog Devices  ADXL206 (or any Accelerometer of your choice)
3 Red LEDs
3 Blue LEDs
1 40 PIN Socket
1 8 PIN Socket
1 9 Volt Battery
1 9 Volt Battery Connector
1 Holed board


As shown in the diagram.

First, you need to assemble the circuit, solder the parts then program the software that does all functions.
The programmer is a circuit I built myself before . The 16F917 programmer you can find it in my blog here. PicProm

You can find the programmer in the following instructable:

Step 2: Software

Picture of Software
piCProm simple.png

I wrote the software for this project in C language. Compiled it with HiTechPIC compiler and used Proteus 7 simulation environment.

You can find the source code, HEX file and simulation model inside the zip file of the project. I assembled the code and generated the HEX file that must be downloaded to the microcontroller.

The software that loads the program into the microcontroller chip is called “loader” can be downloaded from here.
Once you are finished loading the software into the microcontroller, install the Microcontroller chip into its socket in the circuit.

You can find the programmer in the following instructable:

sara m.2 years ago
amazing, i like mood light and what it makes