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Few days before I went to a pottery exhibition with a friend and I was amazed to see some beautiful terracotta  flower vases decorated using sea/river pebbles. So I thought of making one of the similar vase and started looking for pebbles. A day later I saw a mirror in a local store which was decorated using sea shells. Well that did not interest me much until I went to a fish aquarium store for pebbles and saw purple pebbles, they are not real and artificially colored but I loved them since purple is my favorite color and suddenly I thought of making a pebble mirror instead of a vase. I will still make a vase some day but I know I should make a mirror first and thats how I came up with Purple Pebble Mirror.

So that was inspiration, now no more stories, lets get our hands dirty (and I mean it ;-))


Step 1: Stuff You Will Need.

Since this project is actually about upgrading an old boring round mirror, you would need a old round mirror, if you don't have one you have to buy one. so this is what you will need (Some important stuff is shown on the Image above)
  1. An old round mirror about 10 inch (Mine was 11 inch).
  2. A MDF Board about 20x20 inches in size and about 15mm thick. You can also use a plywood. I chose mdf because its lightweight and sturdy.
  3. Some cardboard about the size of mirror and little thicker.
  4. Plaster of paris about 2kg (Its always better to keep more).
  5. About 2kg of purple aquarium pebbles of medium size (rougly little smaller than size of almonds).  
  6. A small plastic bucket of size about 2Litres or a container.
  7. A hook to hang the mirror.
  8. 4 clips to lock the mirror back with cardboard (I got it from an old photo frame) 
  9. Some old newspapers . (I made a lot of mess, you may too :))
  10. A piece of white cotton cloth.
  11. Some old cotton cloth or towels for our hands to dry.
  12. A small painting brush.
  13. 5-6 OHP Sheets (you can also use thick plastic sheets if you have.). I chose OHP because I had them already.
  14. OHP marker pen.
  15. A craft scissor.
  16. A cutter or knife to cut the cardboard.
  17. A measurement scale.
  18. A stapler
  19. Super glue or instant 1drop glue.
  20. About 6-8 screws of size 1/2inch.
  21. Sand Paper No.120.
  22. Some hand and body lotion.
  23. Our best friend patience :)
  24. OPTIONAL but can be very helpful. A helping hand.

This is my first ever project with plaster of paris(POP) and I have learned many things about POP while working on this project. I also figured out my own ways to work with POP which may not be simplistic or professional, but they worked for me. I am sure you will have better methods if you choose to make this.   

Lets start by preparing our mirror frame
This is a fantastic project!! Lots of work but worth it. I did not realize could be used with mosaic. <br>I was thinking of another project for you. With transparent plastic instead of MDF board. Use melted glass beads instead of pebbles. Then go for it with your lighting knowledge and have a nightlight mirror that shines through the plastic section with the glass beads.
Thank you so much. Your project suggestion sounds like an awesome idea, will definitely give it a try.
Tarun - WOW. This is Stunning. You have great style. Did you enter this in the purple contest? :) Seriously, I love your style. Can't wait to see what you make next. I'm in school now studying art (3d design is one class) and my current project requires me to make something out of 100 objects (same object) and one adhesive. I decided to use stones/rocks from the outdoors. I have yet to start it...I will probably make an Instructable of it later....anyway - you are an inspiration as usual!
Thank you so much Holly for lovely appreciation. I did enter in contest, but it could not make it to finals however this one https://www.instructables.com/id/Fig-Dates-Barfi-Indian-Sweet-Easy-to-make/ did :D. It is so nice to know that your in studying arts, it will give wings to your creativity :) Keep up. I embrace your kind words that I inspire you. I visited your website, read your bio, you inspired me a lot. <br> <br>Plaster of paris and stones have great possibilities, you may consider them in your assignment.
wooww... that's a lot of hard work and a beautiful mirror! :)
Thank Muhaiminah :)
Wow, this is so pretty! I love it!!
Thank you :)
Beautiful n elegant art work!! Superb inspiring instructable.just loved it:-)
Your comments are always very positive. Thank you so much.
Wow................ Can you please confirm the Cost...$ ???
Thanks..hmmm...cost lemmme think LOL
<strong>Excellent Art work.. Great idea..!!! Bring it ON.. and get me one..!!!</strong>
:) Thank you.

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