Introduction: Purple Pigeon

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Make a purple pigeon using sugru!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

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You need Sugru and scissors.

You may also want a paper plate to build on so that you do not get your tables dirty.

Step 2: Directions

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1. Open your red, blue, and white Sugru with scissors.

2. Roll each color into a ball.

3. Roll the red and blue ball together to make purple.

4. Make three balls out of your purple ball. A small, medium, and large ball.

5. Flatten the large purple ball to make the body of your pigeon.

6. Place a tiny ball of white sugru into the body of your pigeon to make an eye.

7. Use the rest of your white sugru to make the legs and hair for your pigeon!

Step 3: Finished Product

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After you have allowed your pigeon to harden for 24 hours, your pigeon is complete!

Step 4: Clean Up

Make sure you clean the surface you created on and wash your hands.


seamster (author)2014-09-26

Another cute sugru item!

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