In this tutorial we will bring you back in time to make a Purple Pioneer Puppet. To start off Here are some things you will need:
-A puppet head and body pattern, I used this great free pattern, http://bashfulpuppet.blogspot.com/2008/07/head-pattern.html. You could also buy a pattern off of Project puppet.com.
-1/2" poly-urethane foam (get at fabric or craft stores, usually comes in green)
-Fleece your choice in color or white antron fleece if you are planning to dye (I bought antron fleece, which is a higher grade of fleece, I buy my antron fleece from Out of the Box Puppets.com)
-RIT DYE, I dyed my fabric the 538 color http://www.ritdye.com/colorit_color_formula_guide
-Contact Cement
-Fish filter tubing
-Fishing line
-Doll wig or hair extensions
-Plastic craft eyes (I buy mine from Out of the Box Puppets)
-Foam Board
-Red Fleece
-1" Styrofoam ball
-Baby cloths or Make your own cloths
Let's get started!

Step 1: The Skull

First I cut out the foam skull pattern out of my 1/2" foam and then glue it together using contact cement. (When gluing contact cement apply very small amounts and let dry till tacky then stick together) 
Omg I love it
I still find that a low temperature hot glue gun works faster and has no fumes.
Yes you can use glue guns but I find that contact cement last much longer on puppets.
Voted! neatly described ;)
Thank you so much :)
Beautifully done. But I really love the sandwich puppet on your website!
I am currently in the process of making a tutorial for my sandwich puppet...So stay tuned!
Awesome! Details, pretty please! : )
I started making the tutorial today and I should have it on the site either Monday or Tuesday. If I'm lucky I may have it up tomorrow. It's a super simple puppet to make :)
Love it :D

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