Picture of Purple Pioneer Puppet
In this tutorial we will bring you back in time to make a Purple Pioneer Puppet. To start off Here are some things you will need:
-A puppet head and body pattern, I used this great free pattern, http://bashfulpuppet.blogspot.com/2008/07/head-pattern.html. You could also buy a pattern off of Project puppet.com.
-1/2" poly-urethane foam (get at fabric or craft stores, usually comes in green)
-Fleece your choice in color or white antron fleece if you are planning to dye (I bought antron fleece, which is a higher grade of fleece, I buy my antron fleece from Out of the Box Puppets.com)
-RIT DYE, I dyed my fabric the 538 color http://www.ritdye.com/colorit_color_formula_guide
-Contact Cement
-Fish filter tubing
-Fishing line
-Doll wig or hair extensions
-Plastic craft eyes (I buy mine from Out of the Box Puppets)
-Foam Board
-Red Fleece
-1" Styrofoam ball
-Baby cloths or Make your own cloths
Let's get started!
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Step 1: The Skull

Picture of The Skull
First I cut out the foam skull pattern out of my 1/2" foam and then glue it together using contact cement. (When gluing contact cement apply very small amounts and let dry till tacky then stick together) 

Step 2: Mouth Plate

Picture of Mouth Plate
Make the mouth plate by, cutting 2-half circles out of foam board and then taping them together with a 1/4" gap in between using duct tape. Once that's done on both sides glue red fleece on with some contact cement. Now glue the edges of the mouth plate to the mouth opening of the skull.   

Step 3: Cutting and sewing the skin

Picture of Cutting and sewing the skin
Now we have the skull we need the skin. Below is the puppet head pattern *Add 1" seam allowance to pattern before sewing* The body is made from the Project puppet alternate body puppet pattern http://www.projectpuppet.com/servlet/-strse-19/Simple-Series-Alternate-Body/Detail. I hand sewed everything. You can machine sew if you would like though. 

Step 4: The BODY

Picture of The BODY
Here is the completed body of the puppet. I followed the instructions on the pattern I bought. 

Step 5: Head to Body

Picture of Head to Body
I then sewed the head onto the body. 
anapet011 year ago
Omg I love it
TheLlama1 year ago
I still find that a low temperature hot glue gun works faster and has no fumes.
andruppets (author)  TheLlama1 year ago
Yes you can use glue guns but I find that contact cement last much longer on puppets.
Voted! neatly described ;)
andruppets (author)  Yashfa Zafar2 years ago
Thank you so much :)
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Beautifully done. But I really love the sandwich puppet on your website!
andruppets (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
I am currently in the process of making a tutorial for my sandwich puppet...So stay tuned!
Awesome! Details, pretty please! : )
andruppets (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
I started making the tutorial today and I should have it on the site either Monday or Tuesday. If I'm lucky I may have it up tomorrow. It's a super simple puppet to make :)
Love it :D