I  had an old rotary phone that was in need of a good make over.  So why not purple!

Step 1: Get Phone and Clean

I found this phone at an estate sale.  It is very dirty but seems to work.  I used windex and a lot of paper towels to get the stickers off and the dirtiness removed .

Step 2: Prime the Phone

I used a spray can primer after masking the phone.

In order to get the plastic dial off , I found this good You tube instructional http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8Fw-Mw74jE .

Step 3: Paint the Phone Purple

I used a spray can of purple paint to spray the phone and the cord.  

After doing the paint I had to put the numbers back and I found this web site that sells decals of the numbers :


They are not exactly like the original numbers but they are fine and it was an easy way to get the numbers back .

To put the plastic dial back on, just follow the instructions on the you tube video.

Step 4: Use It

Currently the phone is next to the more modern one.  I will move iot when I do some wiring but it rings and I can dial out.  Pretty cool!
If you stretch the handset cord will the paint crack off?
it does a bit. took a long time for it to dry fully. maybe there is a best paint for doing cords so the paint does not crack
wow such a perfect job of spray painting a thing.. I wish I could do it so good!
Nice job !!! I have a phone dial phone that came with house that I am going to try to get working. You know we have a generation of kids who have never seen one of these and would probably try to "press" the numbers in the holes to make a call.
Dammit, now I want a purple rotary phone. Nice work!
Proper job!
Wow! I haven't seen those old rotary phones in years.
cool! my grandma still has an orange rotary phone, this reminds me of it!
I have an older candlestick rotary phone I've been meaning to update, but I don't think I'll go this bright. Still, love the Hit Girl purple on this if I ever find one like yours above!

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