Step 1: Design / Fabric

Normally i would choose fabric after the project design or choosing the pattern.This project actually started with the fabric.It is a fabric I  bought during a super sale. It is a hideous color. I would not wear it out in public....EVER.  However I was in need of clothing, so I had to find a use for it. I decided I would make a pyjama out of it. The fabric is a jersey knit cotton/polyester mix with a lot of stretch to it. I figured it would be comfy and not bind due to the stretch, but also it would give me room to "grow", lol. I ran ideas in my head for a while before I settled on this design.
 The design for the jammy is entirely mine. I wanted something simple yet feminine. The lace adds a little sexy to it.
Now that I have my conceptual design, I needed a pattern. I am still uncomfortable making clothing patterns ( 1 day I will take a course). So finding a pattern that was adaptable was a little work.
<p>I also am gaining weight due to a health problem and I know where you are coming from. Thank you for doing this and sharing it with us.</p>
Thank you. It feels good to be understood. Good health to you :)<br>
Really well done! Great construction techniques, and it fits you very well. Very flattering!
Ty very much. I don't know that i would call my construction techniques great. I make to many mistakes that need yo be corrected...lol :)

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