Purple Spider Mask Face Paint




Introduction: Purple Spider Mask Face Paint

Purple is one of the many iconic colors of the Halloween palette, and this purple spider mask inspired by Josje Wolters from the 2008 book "Just For Fun Faces" is just that!

Step 1: Start With Light Purple

First, I created a purple mask shape with Mauve by Mehron Paradise.

Step 2: Add Dark Purple

Next, I added a bit of a darker purple (Urban by Urban Decay Electric Shadows) for the outer edges of the mask. I also added Jilted also by Urban Decay Electric Shadows to add some highlights on a few areas of my face.

Step 3: Black

Then, I began to draw in the black features including arched brows with lashes.

Step 4: More Black

Then, I continue to use more black to create webs on the sides and a spider on the forehead.

Step 5: Add White

Then, I completed the look with white highlights and details, as well as added color to the lips using Mehron Paradise in Light Pink with a mix of Savage and Jilted from Urban Decay Electric Shadows.

Step 6: Done!

Now, that the design is complete, you will get a chance to view my gallery! And it's not just purple that you can use for this design! You can also use other Halloween colors, including orange, green, and even black!



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