Introduction: Purple Tender Coconut Ice-Cream

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Coconut flesh chopped 1 cup
Chilled milk 1 cup
Fresh ice-cream chilled 1 cup
Milk powder 1 cup
Powdered sugar 1/2 cup
Purple coloring a drop 


Add milk, fresh ice-cream, ,milk powder, powdered sugar, coconut flesh into a blender and blend it well, finally add a drop of purple coloring..
 Pour it into a bowl and put into the freezer once its set ! You can take it ! and your ready to serve and have a wonderful Purple Tender Coconut Ice-Cream...


Ilma Nizam (author)2013-04-30

Thank you sooo much :) sure will do :)

Ilma Nizam (author)2013-04-30

Thank you sooo much :) sure will do :)

Lubna.R (author)2013-04-30

wow yummy keep good work mate...

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