[Purple] Living and Dining Room Makeover





Introduction: [Purple] Living and Dining Room Makeover

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A college friend who lived with me, suggested giving a new look for our living room.

The chosen color  for the wall was purple,  because the color should be calm, peaceful, visionary ...
because there lived only film students and as color therapy, this color was exactly what we needed.
First we thought  in fact  blue, for creativity. But we need calm to be creative. Right?

Then the work began:

-We took out the carpeting, because it was very old. Underneath was hidden a beautiful wooden floor.
We had to scrape the glue from the floor. My god how much work!

-The table and chairs ware brown and I painted them white.

-The shelving needed repairs, because the paint was worn and grubby,
and some shelves were broken.
We had a small carpentry  in the building. There we made the some new shelves and had much fun together. 

- I painted the corners of the walls, and my boyfriend painted the rest.

A few months later we need to move out  there. Shame!
But we enjoyed  our work on time.



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    i love the new look of the living room!!:)

    I can't believe those beautiful parquet floor were covered with carpet. Well done remodel!

    1 reply

    I hate carpet, and this was disgusting .

    Yes! Please do share! It is hard work to paint and remodel but so worth it in the end. I love my wood floors! Before and after pictures are awesome!

    1 reply

    Nice job Mary! I did this a few months ago, painted, took out carpet and sanded my wood floors and re-stained them. whew hard work! It looks great though!

    1 reply

    oh thanks.
    cool that you do such things too.
    Now I'm in a new apartment , and it needs a nice makeover.
    But this time, I got a contract for 5 years long.
    Next weak the work begins here. Of course I 'll take pics.