Purr-fect Cat Popsicles





Introduction: Purr-fect Cat Popsicles

Since summer is on its way... Here is how you can make some Purr-fect Popsicles for your kitty to cool off.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

1. Flaked tuna in water
2. A mini ice cube tray
3. A can opener
4. A freezer

Step 2: Getting Started

1. Open your tuna with the can opener
2. Squeeze all the juice into the mini ice cube tray
3. Put them in the freezer over night

Step 3: Finished

Now you have some popsicles for your cat.



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    10 Discussions

    Jelly meat may work. I haven't tried it. You cha and send me pics so I can se recreations

    Adorable cat! Very best and unique idea, a must try! Would this work with jelly meat?

    genius! winner went I never thought of this, my cats are spoiled. thanks for sharing

    2 replies

    once they knew what it was lol they LOVED IT LOL ty

    Never thought I would see someone else make tuna ice cubes for their cat! I use the entire can of tuna to make Tanks' tuna-cicles, much in the same way you do. He love to lick ice cubes, and he loves tuna so it was only natural, I also put 1/2 of a capsule of flea powder in some cubes for his regular doses. He one spoiled dude!

    In the full spectrum

    Yes she does when I open the freezer she goes cazy

    Dont forget to vote