Introduction: Purse Out of Umbrella

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Hi guys, in this tutorial i'm going to show you how to turn an old or broken umbrella into a waterproof purse.

Step 1: Umbrella

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Grab your old or broken umbrella

Step 2: Removing the Tips

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Start with removing the tips of the umbrella

Step 3: Scissor

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Get a scissor and cut the fabric from the ribs

Step 4: The Tips

Picture of The Tips

Cut the tips and throw them away

Step 5: Measuring Tape

Picture of Measuring Tape

Take a measuring Tape and mark horizontally 40cm and vertically 46cm

Step 6: Cut

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Cut that part

Step 7: Shape

Picture of Shape

Fold it evenly and give it a shape

Step 8: Fabric

Picture of Fabric

Grab another fabric and cut a bit bigger shape

Step 9: Sewing

Picture of Sewing

Take a needle and thread, sew the fabrics together inside out then flip it

Step 10: Foam

Picture of Foam

Take a foam and cut it a bit smaller than the fabrics put it inside and sew the remain part

Step 11: Sides

Picture of Sides

Now to make the sides take another fabric from the umbrella and cut 2 identical pieces, horizontally (up) 8cm

(down) 16cm and vertically 14cm

Step 12: Fabric

Picture of Fabric

Take the other fabric and cut 2 pieces a little bigger than the umbrella pieces

Step 13: Sewing

Picture of Sewing

Sew the 2 fabrics to the umbrella pieces then cut 2 foam shapes and put them inside

Step 14: Sewing the Sides

Picture of Sewing the Sides

Sew the sides to the big piece

Step 15: Zipper

Picture of Zipper

Grab a zipper and sew it to the purse

Step 16: Ribbon

Picture of Ribbon

For decoration take a ribbon and a glue and glue it on the purse

Step 17: Small Pieces

Picture of Small Pieces

Take 2 small pieces of fabric, sew them

Step 18: Rings

Picture of Rings

Take 2 rings, sew a part of the small piece of fabric next to the zipper, put the ring inside it then sew the other part and do the same to the other side

Step 19: Belt and Hooks

Picture of Belt and Hooks

Take a belt, 2 hooks, sew the hooks inside the belt and attach them to the rings

Step 20:

Picture of

And you're done, now you have a pretty waterproof purse.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2017-02-08

Clever idea using an umbrella for a purse :) I've been looking for scissors like that, where did you get them?

i got them from a hardware store

Saovine (author)2017-01-27

Great idea for reusing umbrellas. To bad I already have too many purses, ha ha!

Alice Blade (author)Saovine2017-01-27

Me too! but i like recycling things

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