Picture of Purse/Shirt

Tired of carrying a purse during the summer? Make a purse/shirt!


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Step 1: Deconstruct

Picture of Deconstruct
RogueDIY blog purse shirt 004_640x480.jpg
RogueDIY blog purse shirt 003_640x480.jpg
RogueDIY blog purse shirt 005_640x480.jpg
RogueDIY blog purse shirt 006_640x480.jpg
RogueDIY blog purse shirt 2 002_640x480.jpg
You will need a shirt, old purse, good scissors, embroidery needle, thick thread, sewing machine, thimble, pins.

Cut out the section you would like to make a face from.

Make sure to cut off any foam, cardboard, or sticky substance from the purse before you sew.
(Use thicker thread in your sewing machine.)

Position onto the shirt, pin, and sew.

Step 2: Attach Extras

Picture of Attach Extras
For this shirt, I hand-sewed the clip-on star and key ring for eyes.

Step 3: You're done!

Picture of You're done!
RogueDIY blog purse shirt 2 007_640x480.jpg
Now just pop your credit card, drivers license, and cash in the pocket and get going!
Gutterclean10 months ago

Cool, can you make me a toolbelt shirt.

Very Interesting (author)  Gutterclean10 months ago