Introduction: Push-Bike Station

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For a school assignment we had to design an existing cardboard box with added value.

So I came up with this push-bike station. Because these bikes don't have a stand, they're always laying around and taking up too much space.

In this design you can use the packaging of the push-bike to make the station. So the little children who own these push-bikes will have a 'parking station' specially for their bike, which they'll love.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

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For this instructable you'll need the following tools and materials:


- Cardboard packaging from a push bike(or just a regular cardboard box)


- Ruler

- Cutter

- Pencil

- Adhesive (optional)

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard Box

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The packaging box used for this push-bike had the following dimensions: 590 x 320 x 140 mm

Before you start cutting the box, make sure it is completely closed. You can use some tape to close the box. (like it was originally packed)

The push-bike's wheels are 40 mm wide, so that means we need a slot that's 40 mm wide. Because one of the wheels will sit in this slot, the bike is kept standing.

First we need to draw some cutting lines.

I divided the box in three pieces as shown in the sketch. (dimensions are in mm)

When you cut these lines, you should have three pieces:

- two ends

- one middle piece

Next, cut or fold the middle piece open. The idea is that the cutted piece in between fits inside the two square ends.

I also made a little strip with the width of the wheels, 40 mm. I glued this strip on the center of the middle piece. So it's easier to fit the two ends correctly.

Step 3: Assembling the Station

Picture of Assembling the Station

Now that we have all the pieces, we can start assembling it.

You can watch the video on how to assemble the box.

Step 4: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product

If everything went good, your little toddler should have his very own parking spot.


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