Picture of Push Lift, a knex ball machine lift
Hi everyone!

Here are the instructions for the first lift in a series of 4 lifts, all first used in my knex ball machine Paradox.
This is the most complicated of all and the most difficult lift I ever built, and it turned out great!
It works near to perfection and looks very good.
One disadvantage: It is very piece consuming for its height, especially gears and spacers. 
But in exchange you get an awesome, unique lift! :D

Important: If you build this lift, read every image note! They will help you a lot!

So let's start building!



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Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count
If you want you can count the pieces before you start building.
Here is a list with all pieces included in this lift, named by their original color:


Green: 193
White: 118
Blue: 162
Yellow: 52
Red: 41
Grey: 3
Black: 2

Total rods: 571


Dark-grey: 61
Light-grey: 28
Orange: 52
Red: 46
Green: 18
Yellow: 99
White: 14
Purple: 149
Blue: 27

Total connectors: 494


Blue spacer: 90
Silver spacer: 146
Tan clip: 16
Y-clip: 23
Blue hinge: 1
Black hinge: 1
Small blue gear: 8
Medium red gear: 15
Medium yellow gear: 7
Big yellow gear: 1
Chain link: 44
Motor: 1

Total other: 353

Grand Total: 1418

Step 2: Gears Part 1

Picture of Gears Part 1
We'll start with the first part of the gears, that exists out of 3 parts.

Step 3: Gears Part 2

Second part of the gears.

Step 4: Gears Part 3

Picture of Gears Part 3
This is the third and last part of the gears.

Step 5: Completing The Gearbox And Adding Chain

In this step we'll attach all the gears togheter to get one strong gearbox. After that the chain will be added to let all the gears turn at the same time.

Step 6: Pusher Connection Holders

This will hold the pushers in place.

Step 7: Pusher Connections

These things are the connection between the crank and the pushers.

Step 8: Crank Reinforcement

Reinforcement for the crank, like the title says.

Step 9: Crank

Now it's time to build the crank. Built everything exactly as shown in the pictures.

Step 10: Combining Gearbox And Middle Section

The only thing to do in this step is combining the gears and the middle section. Look closely to every picture.

Step 11: Entrance

The entrance, where the balls wait to enter the lift.
Sorunome1 year ago
yaaaaaaaay (to bad i had a similar lift idea :P)
sandroknexmaster (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Haha thanks! :D
cooljupjup1 year ago
ik heb 3 vragen werkt deze ook met die nieuwe balls? en me 2e vraag is kan ik deze ook make met zo weinig mogelijk "Gears" 3e vraag kan ik deze ook hoger maken?
sandroknexmaster (author)  cooljupjup1 year ago
1) Ik denk het niet
2) Je kan het proberen maar dat zal heel moeilijk worden (ik zou niet weten hoe)
3) Dat zal nog moeilijker worden dan minder gears te gebruiken. Maar je kan het proberen (ik vrees van niet)
Oh no, your pdf is corrupt, just like my roller coaster:( This makes me sad. I don't think there is anything you can do to fix it either.
Oh I didn't know that. I never use pdf's on instructables. Too bad it doesn't work :(
hunter9991 year ago
Haha, that's super cool! =D I might build this sometime :)
sandroknexmaster (author)  hunter9991 year ago
Thanks! Don't forget to send me a picture when you build it :D
Will do
sandroknexmaster (author)  hunter9991 year ago
Btw, whats the difference between yellow medium gears and red medium gears.
sandroknexmaster (author)  hunter9991 year ago
The yellow gears have teeth sticking out the side. With this teeth you can place them 90° on another gear. Examples Step 2 picture 26 & 27.
But if you build the lift you'll understand it even better ;)
forgot the '?' mark.
Pretty nice looking lift. Now all that's left is to incorporate it into a full on ball machine. :3
Well, this is a lift I first used in my ball machine paradox, and now I made instructions for it. So it has already been in a ball machine :D
Oh, ok; that's good. :3


Make of this what you will...

But you're my 666th comment. :I
Yay! You're my 1313th commenter, luckily it's not friday today :P
Yep. I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank goodness it's not Friday.

Do you know the significance of the number 666. You might not be as excited about being my 666th comment then. :I
No, 666 is just a number with 3 6es for me :p
Ah, ok.

666 is a number, that according to the bible, will be the number of the anti-christ. They say it will be his logo number of a sort.

I am agnostic, so I don't exactly believe in such things, but 666 represents evil, satan and all that stuff.
Oh so I'm the knex-devil :_(
That's not funny... ;)
No, it was just a joke. :P I am pretty sure that you aren't the devil. :3 Unless you want to be the K'nex devil. :P
Haha then I'd like more to be the knex god then the devil :D
You are already the God of K'nex Ball Machines. :P
Haha You're Zeus of turret guns :D
Nice, but I think it's difficult to build in because you use blue and yellow rods in the same line.. I hope you can understand it because I can't explain it well in English.. :D But, good job!
sandroknexmaster (author)  dickheijboer1 year ago
Yeah I know what you mean. I tried to make it different (only blue/red rods) but it was too complicated. Red gears come togheter with a white rod, just like where the gears from the gearbox and the gears of the crank come togheter. So I had to use white rods, or other gears: Big yellow gears; I don't have to explain they are not a good option. Small blue gears: I tried it but then the crank touched the gearbox and blocked. Then I had to make a smaller crank, but then I also had to change the pushers because the smaller crank didn't push the pushers far enough back and forward. So red gears were the only option.

Well, I hope this explain why I had to use white rods :P

Thanks! =D
Long story.. But I understand that this is the best way.. But you can use also a red gear, than a blue gear and than again a red gear.

Np.. :)
sandroknexmaster (author)  dickheijboer1 year ago
Yeah I know, but that would be even MORE gears. It is already one of the most gear consuming lifts. But that could be possible indeed :D
Yes, that's true.... 31 gears! Wow!
JonnyBGood1 year ago
Awesome! So much action in such a little machine!
sandroknexmaster (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago
Haha yes, almost everything on this lift is moving :)
Cool, very creative! I like all the gears, and the gate system.
sandroknexmaster (author)  Shadowman391 year ago
Thanks mighty shadow! =P
Nice Lift! :-D
Thanks a lot! :D