A friend of mine who teaches high school science commissioned me to make a Jeopardy style quiz game controller with a large timer display and buttons for players. The best way to make a button for the players that I could think of was to use the large push buttons you can find at most dollar stores.  The complete project description is available on my website!

The problem with using these buttons is that they were designed to be push on/push off, and I need a momentary button. Rather then buy new buttons and replace the stock ones (as is done in this Instructable by jaycollet) I figured out how to easily convert the built in button to be momentary.

All you need are a few simple tools and a little bit of motivation!

Step 1: Equipment and Materials

Push Light - These can be found at any dollar store. If you are a big spender, you could use an Easy Button from Staples.

Precision Needle Nose Pliers

Small Gauge Phillips Head Screwdriver

Sharp Pick
I tried to do this myself once, but the whole button seemed kinda cheap and didn't push down very evenly. I was going to replace the whole button with one of the exact same design, but it would be momentary of course. I was thinking about connecting it to a teensy USB and make some sort of device similar to the "Awesome Button" by Matt Richardson. Maybe I'll try again.
That would be a fun project. <br> <br>The small switch actually seems really reliable, considering how cheap the whole thing is. However, using the entire push light as a button can have some pretty uneven results, depending on where you push down. For my purposes, I can only imagine that students answering a question won't be lightly pressing on the opposite end of the switch - more likely they will be slamming down right in the middle. <br> <br>I had originally planned on replacing the switch with a small momentary push button, but decided to try and do this instead. I've been very happy with the results!

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