Push Pin Mario Sprite





Introduction: Push Pin Mario Sprite

This wall art is perfect for your cubicle wall or other pin-worthy surface. With only the colors of a basic assorted push-pin set, about 6"x7" of space, and an hour or two to waste, you too can have Mario keep you company during your workday.

Step 1: Materials

You will need to buy (have/acquire) about 200 push pins (I bought a 500 tub). 100 will get you well past the head, and with 200 you will have some left over to use to pin things to your wall.

You will also need a picture of Mario, or the video game sprite you wish to create. I got the image from the good ol' internet, and "Zoomed In" in an image editing program. I selected "show grid" and took a screen shot which I cropped and printed. This was my guide.

Since I was using a black and white printer, it was hard to distinguish certain parts, so I recolored some pixels to improve contrast.

Step 2: Action

I started with the face, but start anywhere you want. I didn't want it to look like I had spent time working on this, so I added a row or two of pins each day. This way my boss, who walks by my desk numerous times a day would not assume I had been doing this instead of working. I added pins waiting for things to load on my computer, on lunch breaks, or just when I needed to stop working for a minute.

It was actually fairly difficult to get the spacing right. It is easy to place the pins close together or too far apart. Just keep trying until you get a nice neat row.

Step 3: Finished

I stretched this project out over about 2.5 weeks. And it think it came out great. I've been looking for alternate color push pins to replace some that I used. Brown would be much better than green for the hair (maybe black). And some sort of pinkish color would be better for the skin.



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    I made Mega Man as a gift.
    It is really hard to get color variety. The 'Black' pushpins are actually a transparent dark blue. It looks funky in direct sunlight. I got the light blue by buying a couple of "out of season" boxes of colored push pins. For the face color, I put masking tape over yellow push pins. I have since seen wood push pins that would also probably work, though the shape/size looks like it would be a little different.


    Lol, awesome. Now I want to go out and buy a big tub of push pins. You could even make Luigi with this idea, if you swap the red push pins with white ones, and the blue push pins with green.

    Now I want to see a Mario level made out of push pins!


    how bored were you? (still, it is pretty cool you actually did that.)

    i'm going to make me one:-)

    that is so cool! i'm buying a corkboard just for this :]

    I was just thinking how cool it would be if you animated it.

    Cool! I like it.

    Cool! 5 *. I have an instructables logo made of push pins in my room.