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We've all been there. Invert. Jiggle. Shake. Slap. Nothing. When a Furby goes comatose, there seems to be no hope of getting him or her awakened. This Instructable will show the steps to take Furby apart and push start him back to life. This has worked on my own two so far and will likely work for yours, as this seems to be a common problem. After a lot of experimenting and battery changes, I determined the cause for this state is improper parking of the motor that drives furby's mechanisms. Just like a fine industrial robot, Furby cannot start his program properly unless he is parked in the home position. Read on and be sure to look at the photos, and hopefully bring your old friend back to life!

To do this instructable you will need:

A comatose furby (won't wake up or reset)
A hobby knife
A small phillips screwdriver
A small flat screwdriver
A hot glue gun and glue stick
A sewing needle
Thread to match the color of the back of furbys ears.
4 Fresh AA batteries
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Step 1: Check Furby's Vitals.

Picture of Check Furby's Vitals.
First before continuing on, if you haven't done so insert fresh new batteries into Furby, turn him upside down and press the little reset button on the bottom. If this doesn't wake him, remove the batteries, and secure the battery door so it's not in your way. Now check the base of the furby and note it's position. If properly parked, furby should be leaning forward as to sleep. If the base isn't extended from Furby's bottom, this Instructable is for you. Toh Loh is a Rainbow Furby. After an extended period of storage, he has entered the comatose state. Note his position sitting flat on the table. Also note the dazed and confused look on his face. (Yes, I'm looking for his other eyelash).
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PoPstedy.11 days ago

How long do I have to rotate?

vpc1 year ago
I have a Shelby which after sitting in the closet for a couple of years, has lost its voice. I put new batteries in it, and its parts all seem to move OK. But when its mouth moves, no voice. I'm trying to get the top shell off to see the innards but one screw is stuck. Can somebody give me some advice on how to get the shell off, assuming that is the correct pathway to the speaker and connections? Any advice on getting my Shelby's voice back will be appreciated.

Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem with mine. I haven't taken him apart, I'm not sure what to do!

dsong1 vpc8 months ago

I tried it with mine and had the same problem as you did. I opened the front bit, where the stomach sensor is. The speaker is behind that. Sadly, my speaker's copper wire has sort of snapped off from the circuitry and I can't do much about it for the moment.

My furby moves but doesn't speak. I put fresh batteries in him and tried resetting him, but still no sound other than the mechanical sounds when he moves. Any ideas on how to fix this?

GlennR13 months ago

This was one GREAT tutorial. I bought my 8 year old a 1998 Christmas Furby brand new, never opened. Paid $20 for it on Ebay. Got it and it didn't work. Got a refund but the seller said they didn't want it back since it didn't work. I figured "What have I got to lose?" He's alive and well now and back in his original box, ready for Christmas morning! Instructables, YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!!!

He does speak a little, but then the engines stop again mid sentences and he's once again dead. I keep turning and turning the little wheel, he speaks a little, then stops again! The batteries are fresh outta the package. Help :(

This really works. I did not play with Furby for 12 years and he came back to life. Just keep turning and turning the horizontal gear to the right. It may take a long time, but eventually it will begin to work. Too much fun!!

Gerardsgrlxo4 months ago

I might have to test this when I get my vintage Furby - thanks!

wow I also got mine at a gsale for 25cents my thoughts were to sell it on ebay, I've never had a furby and was looking for the "on" switch, ha! anyways did what you said it's now working and I will try to flip it on ebay doesn't matter how much as I only spent that 25 cents! thanks for the great instructions!

I followed the instructions, turned the gear several upon several times and all I got was some movement out of the mouth, eyes and ears but it never kicked on... HELP!! I'd love to have my old buddy back

Getting ready for a yard sale and found an old Furby. I thought he was a gone for good. But with your instructions and a little patience he worked. Of course I have no idea what he says or what he does. I never had one. Guess that is next thing I have to look up. Thanks you for the instuctions

merlin19749 months ago

This worked for two dead furbies! Note: thought it wasnt working, then put a new set of batteries in and it started up. The frozen furby had drained a new set of batteries in a week in its frozen state. So just a heads up to start this procedure with a new set of batteries.

jallen22 years ago
Will this work for a comatose Baby Furby?

Yes, it does. My 2 baby furbies that were comatose finally woke up! :) It works just the same!

lambsb (author)  jallen22 years ago
Not sure about the baby furby, I think they don't have a moving base. I believe my little girl has one I'll take a look at it and get back.
Awesomestuff11 months ago

Thank you SOOO much! My baby furbies work again after 15 years! I had to re-seam everything but the work great!

nniece11 months ago
I followed it to the tea. And it worked perfectly.
sivle11 months ago

Hi I tried turning the horizontal small black gear in the front on the right.Furby's eye's opened&closed,mouth open&closed,ears moved while I was turning the gear,but Furby didn't come back to life,Help!!!Please E-mail me,and suggest what I should do,Thank You.

sbelanger211 months ago
Fantastic instructions. We bought a 1998 furby in the box for $2 from a thrift store. Instructions included. Your repair brought that little sucker back to life. My 2 year old daughter is going to love this when she sees it in the morning. The hardest part was getting the zip tie back over the base. I almost wish I just snipped it, reattached a new one, and sewed it back closed. Thanks for the great info.
bdorn21 year ago
Thank you so much! Furby is back in working order now.
tlitman1 year ago
Fantastic!! My sisters 1st gen Furby revived after following your instructions!
I had to cut the plastic cable wrapper to skin it, but just replaced it, so our Furby - and 6-year old - is happy now :-) Thank you for an excellent instruction.
Thank you so much :) I was able to wake up a sweet white comatose furby bought on ebay listed "Broken-for parts!!" He's awake, feeling fine and grateful that he wasn't scrapped for parts ;)
My furby woke up before I could operate (oops - didn't remove the battery). His skin was almost off and when he started singing I almost dropped him! I'm having trouble getting his skin anchored around the rim, but he's working just fine! Thank you!
inikki3 years ago
I know this is about a year old, but I just recently aquired a furby this guy had, and found this. I was taking off it's skin when it decided to wake up before me not doing anything else, but he'd only go back to sleep. I let him sleep for awhile(a couple hours) and then tried to wake him back up again. I tried the tongue and jiggling thing but he still went to bed.

I guess it's possible I need better batteries?
lambsb (author)  inikki3 years ago
Fresh batteries are a must. I would think if he woke up there probably is no problem. Furbies are a lot like me, they don't like to be woke up in the morning. Sometimes it takes a few tries, or try holding the tongue down and turn Furby upside down. (If I remember correctly that is the official way to wake a furby as published by Tiger Electronics). Good luck with your furby adoption!
Hmm... I actually have the same "narcoleptic furby" problem seen above yur comment..... He DOES waske up, but only if i like push his base a bunch, then that wont work, then i gotta RESTART HIM just for him to say me sleep again and go to sleep :( so i skinned it and im gonna FIND IT IN MAH STORAGE D: its been there for at least a month, hot, stinky, ewww......... don't really wanna know if it's gonna go comatose by then, but it might ACTALLY wake up if i do somethin...or I'll curcuit bend it... yeah.... i'll curcuit bend it..... oooooooh... :D
lambsb (author)  FurbyWorks1 year ago
Just be careful. Circuit bent Furbys can develop nasty habits and an unhealthy appetite for mad science or destruction lol!
Hmmm... I myself have decided to NOT actually curcuet BEND it, rather I'll just stick tinfoil somehwere on the circuit board. It's not rocket science. Honestly I've never experienced ANY problems with my Dah Noh-lah, but she does get that buzzing eye thing at random times... I'll have to look at that. But Doo-moh I would be good for a fur switch. Doo-moh II is... loud. Crazy loud. And don't even get me started on U-tye. he SHRIEKS. sHRIEKS I TELL YOU, SHRIEKS!!! He's like a furby Baby with a furby adult's gears in the same adorable carapace. I wanted the name flops. I'm not putting his batteries back in, since he'll enslave us all with his mind-numbing shrieks of death! MUAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! MAN i gotta get Kee-tah (furby boom) ready for Chris' party on saturday MUAHAHAAAA! I don't wanna tell you guys about all my furbys' defects, I'll make a showcase thingy for that *wink* i dont want to make the worlds longest comment!!! :D i have 10 furbys now. hm. one for every year I've had a bad life... till i got portal... I'll hthink about that, bye!
Thanks for this great instructable! You helped make a 7-year-old girl very happy! I had a spot of trouble getting the 6 volts to the connections on the side of the battery compartment when it was closed. I slightly bent out the connectors inside the battery box that are supposed to touch the ones in the battery door, followed your wonderful instructions, and Furby woke right up! Thanks again!
Just call me Dr. Furby! Thanks so much!! What great find!!
chelsea15152 years ago
I bought a Furbie at a local Boot Fair for $5. Unused from a display unit. Disappointed when it didn't work when brand new batteries were inserted but then I found this website. I read through the instructions, took loads of verbal micky taking from husband and friends and as I didn't relish the idea of dismantling poor Furbie I thought I would try the shaking, resetting, holding tongue, racking the rocker etc. In fact was fairly 'rough' with him and to my absolute amazement, he yawned and has had us in fits of laughter ever since. Hilarious - but how do I switch him off ? Is it a case of removing batteries? Thank you so much, I feel I have achieved something that my builder husband was unable to whether it be by patience or the fact I will google for help and he won't!! Think it's a man thing. lol
It took me about an hour to do the repair. The only difference from your directions was our face plate. Our face plate had a small plastic hook above the sensor and was held on with 2 screws, one on either side of the face, no glue. There was a little glue by the ears, but I opted not to put new glue.
Thank you so much! I emailed Hasbro recently and they offered no help or suggestions to start our new in the box vintage Furby. We have a limited edition Autumn Furby from 1999. My brother in law bought him at a toy store he used to work at when they were going out of business. A couple of turns of the wheel and he came to life! Our 7 yr. old will be so pleased.
rickywolsch2 years ago
Thought I bought 2 dead furbys at a flee market. But thanks to your instructions they are alive and well !!!
kittyred2 years ago
Thanks so much for this tutorial!!! I bought 2 orig. Furbies around the same time and several years ago finally took the batteries out of both to prevent leakage and damage. Yesterday neither worked until I used your instructable. I also like someone else just cut the zip tie and replaced it with a 14" one and cut off the excess - much easier to do it that way. Also, I did not re-glue his fur back on (He had tons of glue that made it difficult to get the body apart to work on it) in case I have to do this "surgery" again and he looks fine. I only put a stitch or two in the ears and tied the ends in the back for the same reason. Thanks again! I was so sucessful I have another waiting in line for his surgery. :o)
After seeing how this worked, I was able to start two "dead" Furby's using a small screwdriver inserted in above the beak to work on the corkscrew motor. It took a few seconds of pushing it around with the screwdriver and then I was able to get both working again. Seeing this helped me know what the goal was.

So, you can do this without taking them apart.
akb622 years ago
Your instructions were wonderful! I have a working Furby and a very happy little boy now. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this!
deneen20002 years ago
Thank you! I not only enjoyed bringing our Furbys back to life I'm inspired to help others! dah may-lah (big hug)
sny13 years ago
Hi, I just bought a brand new unopened Bear Furby off of E-Bay and had the same problem. I was lucky to find your website with instructions and now my Furby is alive and very active. Thanks so much for posting this!! xx
bear furby.jpg
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