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We've all been there. Invert. Jiggle. Shake. Slap. Nothing. When a Furby goes comatose, there seems to be no hope of getting him or her awakened. This Instructable will show the steps to take Furby apart and push start him back to life. This has worked on my own two so far and will likely work for yours, as this seems to be a common problem. After a lot of experimenting and battery changes, I determined the cause for this state is improper parking of the motor that drives furby's mechanisms. Just like a fine industrial robot, Furby cannot start his program properly unless he is parked in the home position. Read on and be sure to look at the photos, and hopefully bring your old friend back to life!

To do this instructable you will need:

A comatose furby (won't wake up or reset)
A hobby knife
A small phillips screwdriver
A small flat screwdriver
A hot glue gun and glue stick
A sewing needle
Thread to match the color of the back of furbys ears.
4 Fresh AA batteries
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Step 1: Check Furby's Vitals.

Picture of Check Furby's Vitals.
First before continuing on, if you haven't done so insert fresh new batteries into Furby, turn him upside down and press the little reset button on the bottom. If this doesn't wake him, remove the batteries, and secure the battery door so it's not in your way. Now check the base of the furby and note it's position. If properly parked, furby should be leaning forward as to sleep. If the base isn't extended from Furby's bottom, this Instructable is for you. Toh Loh is a Rainbow Furby. After an extended period of storage, he has entered the comatose state. Note his position sitting flat on the table. Also note the dazed and confused look on his face. (Yes, I'm looking for his other eyelash).

Step 2: Remove Furby's Ears

Picture of Remove Furby's Ears
Using a sharp hobby knife such as an X-Acto #11, cut the stiches that attach Furby's ears to the skeleton as per the photo. Then gently slide the ears off. You do not need to remove the ears from the body, just the moving skeleton parts. Once the ears are loose, remove the extra thread you just cut from the back side of the ears by gently working it loose and out.

Step 3: Loosen Furby's Fur

Picture of Loosen Furby's Fur
Furby's fur is held on with a plastic zip tie that is sewed into the cloth so you cannot see it. We will try to remove this without damaging the zip tie because it will be very hard to replace and conceal if we don't. Using a small flat screwdriver, lift the back side of the zip tie up and over the lip on the base of the furby. We're not using the screwdriver to "pry" the zip tie, just lift it over the lip so we can push it upward. Once you get the tie worked around the first corner, it should come off fairly easy. Just keep working your way around. Once it's loose, don't get too impatient to remove it, look at the next step!

Step 4: Unhook Furby's Fur

Picture of Unhook Furby's Fur
There are two plastic "hooks" that help hold Furby's fur on, one under each ear slot. Just pinch the fur and pull it down until it unhooks and comes free. The knife handle is just used as a pointer in the photo, do not use a tool to unhook! Once the fur is free from both sides, gently pull the zip tie ring up over the ears, turning it inside out as you go. Be careful not to break the plastic ears! Your furby should end up looking like the one in the second photo of this step. Now gently pull the faceplate off. It should come right off, it's held on with hot glue. Remove any extra hot glue residue from the fur and the body.

Step 5: Disassemble Furby

Picture of Disassemble Furby
Now that the fur is off, be sure to put it in a safe place. Using the small phillips screwdriver, remove the 4 screws that are holding Furby's right side on and put them aside. Don't loose them! You do not need to remove the left side to push start Furby unless you just want to. (Just go ahead and remove the two screws holding the left cover on too, you know you want to see Furby work from the inside anyway) Once the screws are out, gently pull the side cover outward about one inch. Remove the back rub actuator (white plastic in the photo) and set it aside so it doesn't get lost either. Once the cover is loose from the body, reach inside and very gently pull the microphone from the cover. It's just pressed into the hole with its foam surround holding it. Now gently slide the ear skeleton through the slot and set the side cover aside.

Step 6: Look Inside Furby!

Picture of Look Inside Furby!
Now take a good look inside Furby. Ingenious! While you're admiring the workings, remember that all of Furby's actions are made possible using only one motor! Remember the old Stompers 4x4 vehicles? See these at http://www.stomper4x4.com These toys used 1 (2 if you had a big rig) AA battery to power an odd looking square motor. Furby's motor is located in front just behind the left cover. Looks like a stomper motor doesn't it! Cool! Now note the position of the cam (marked with a yellow arrow) on the big gear on Furbys right. It should be pointing downward to lift Furby off his base and lean him forward. Chances are it isn't. It's time to put Furby back in park. Put 4 fresh AA batteries in Furby and secure the battery door with the screw. Now set Furby on the table.

Step 7: Push Start!

Picture of Push Start!
Now the fun part. Note the small gear laying horizontal just under the yellow arrow in the picture. Both of my furbys' horizontal gears were black. Using a small flat screwdriver, carefully turn the gear to the right several times until the cam on the back gear is towards the down position. Be careful not to damage the teeth of the gear. Don't turn the gear to the left just because it's closer to that direction, it has to turn the proper way, even if its several turns on the black gear. Once the cam is pointing downward you should start to notice a pulsating responce from the motor as you turn. Don't give up, it takes several responces from the motor before it actually wakes up. You're almost there! Keep turning the horizontal gear to the right until the motor fully kicks on and goes through a range of motions. It's resetting it's home position. After a few seconds of the motor moving, Furby should awake with his usual audible yawn. Now's the time to explain to him why he's naked and assure him that all will be well.

Step 8: Let Furby Recover

Picture of Let Furby Recover
Now that Furby is awake, give him time to recover while watching his motor run. Incredible isn't it? As fun as it is to watch, you need to let Furby go back to sleep, so let him rest for awhile. Now that Furby is asleep, gently pick him straight up, and holding him upright, remove the screw holding the battery cover and open the cover. Try not to wake Furby! Now remove a battery so he doesn't wake up during the reassembly process. If you removed the left cover (I know you did) put it back on by gently slipping the ear through the slot and aligning the screw holes. Insert the two screws that holds it in place. Now insert the right ear through the ear slot of the right cover. Now lay the cover on the table, and gently push the microphone back into its holder. Then insert the back rub actuator into the right cover slot. The long tab on the actuator goes up. Now align the actuator to the left cover while placing the right cover back onto the Furby. Proper alignment is shown in the last picture on this step. Once everything is in alignment, insert the four screws that holds the cover in place.

Step 9: Attach Furby's Faceplate

Picture of Attach Furby's Faceplate
Now using your hot glue gun put a small 1/8 inch bead of glue along the bottom of the faceplate's mouth. Careful not to get glue anywhere it could get caught in a gear or mechanism or matted into Furby's sensative fur. While the glue is still hot place the face back onto the Furby and align it. Make sure the optical sensor lens (above Furby's eyes) is flush in the faceplate and there is no fur caught in between. Hold the faceplate on untill the glue sets good. Now place a small bead of glue between the head and very top of the faceplate again making sure not to get glue in any moving parts or fur. (See Arrow) Hold the faceplate in place while letting the glue set.

Step 10: Slide On the Fur

Picture of Slide On the Fur
Now move the ear skeletons so they are pointing straight up. Gently roll the fur back onto the head while inserting the ear skeletons through the holes. Now pulling only from the back of the zip tie, slide the fur down onto the body. Don't try to "roll" the fur back into place, the zip tie won't let it. Instead make sure the zip tie end is the first to go down the body pulling the rest into place. Once you have it down to the bottom, hook the fur back under the ear slots on each side.

Step 11: Put the Zip Back On

Picture of Put the Zip Back On
Now using the flat screwdriver again, push the zip tie back down into it's groove in the same manner you removed it. Try to get it over one of the back corners first and work your way around to the front. Be careful not to twist the fur around the zip tie while pushing it into place, so your furby won't look distorted. Once you get it back in it's groove and everything looks good, slide Furby's ears back onto the skeleton, making a note of the little hole in the skeleton and its position.

Step 12: Sew On the Ears

Picture of Sew On the Ears
Push the ears on until they touch the head at the ear slot. Now thread your sewing needle using the ear colored thread and pull about 8 inches through the eye. Cut the thread 16 inches long and tie a knot in the end securing both strands together. Starting from the back of the ear, push the needle through the fabric and feel around until you get it through the little hole in the ear skeleton. You can feel if your in the hole by trying to move the needle around. Pull the thread all the way through until the knot stops at the back of the ear. Now insert the needle back into the front of the ear, and pass it through above the hole, towards the head to hook the thread behind the arrow shape hook on the ear skeleton. Pull the thread taught. Now insert the needle back where you started on the back of the ear, back through the hole in the skeleton. Keep looping the thread in this manner until enough thread is looped to securely hold the ears on and resemble the original stitching. Try to keep the thread straight and neat, and use the same holes in the fabric each time to create a factory appearance. Once the loop is strong enough, stop stitching with the needle on the back side of the ear. Push the needle through the stitch on the back of the ear and back through the loop to make a knot, then using scissors, cut the excess thread from the back of the ear. Be careful not to cut the knot! Repeat with the other ear, making sure both ears are even and the stitching looks the same.

Step 13: Replace the Battery and Enjoy!

Picture of Replace the Battery and Enjoy!
Now replace the battery you removed while Furby was sleeping, close the battery door and secure the screw. Furby should pop back to life and will be happy to see you. Don't worry, your furby will soon forget this traumatic experience, and most likely so will your children. Don't forget to keep good batteries in your furby as a prevention of this problem again. Remember if your furby seems to want to go back to sleep when you first wake him, hold down his tongue and jiggle him upside down, then release the tongue to wake him. Pictured here are my Rainbow Furby Toh Loh and my little girls Tiger Furby Doo Moh, both recovering coma patients and both happy to see each other. If you don't have a Furby, keep in mind my little girl bought her furby from a yard sale for a quarter, probably because it wouldn't wake up. I hope this Instructable will work for you and I hope you will be able to enjoy your furby once again. If this Instructable helps you please comment and tell us the name of your brave and lucky furby. Have fun!
LindseyG18 days ago
Thank you so much, this worked beautifully. Furby was so happy to come back from the dead!
LadyO121 days ago

Hardest part for me is sewing the ears back on. I stink at sewing. Even something as simple as this is.

LadyO121 days ago

This works perfectly! Thank you! I have been able to resurrect several Furbies this way. If your Furby will move, but not speak, you have a bad speaker and may need to find a donor. I did this for Toh-Loo.

dillonc22 months ago
dude you are a hero got it on eBay for 19.99 and it didn't work but when I did what you told us it work really good man
DeniseD42 months ago

I'm not sure my comments posted. I need help witht the oral skills. I was able to get the motor skills working great. Thanks for the good tutorial.

My furby moves but doesn't speak. I put fresh batteries in him and tried resetting him, but still no sound other than the mechanical sounds when he moves. Any ideas on how to fix this?

lambsb (author)  katrina.swartzholding3 months ago
Looks like ill have to do some more open part surgery on another Furby and show where the speaker wires are soldered onto the board for future reference. Seems there are a lot of mute Furbys out there....
PoPstedy.4 months ago

How long do I have to rotate?

lambsb (author)  PoPstedy.3 months ago
Sorry for the slow reply its been awhile. I just rotated with the batteries in until Furby wakes up. Then pull the batteries to reassemble (after you play with him without his skin for awhile, of course you want to watch it all work)

ahoy lambsb

>shopping at salvation army with 8 yr old neice

>find loose furby for $1

>doesnt work.jpg

>knew some people had furby fixin skills on interwebs


>found ur site


thnx a lot / getting ziptie ring back on is most difficult part of this repair (!)

vpc1 year ago
I have a Shelby which after sitting in the closet for a couple of years, has lost its voice. I put new batteries in it, and its parts all seem to move OK. But when its mouth moves, no voice. I'm trying to get the top shell off to see the innards but one screw is stuck. Can somebody give me some advice on how to get the shell off, assuming that is the correct pathway to the speaker and connections? Any advice on getting my Shelby's voice back will be appreciated.

Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem with mine. I haven't taken him apart, I'm not sure what to do!

dsong1 vpc1 year ago

I tried it with mine and had the same problem as you did. I opened the front bit, where the stomach sensor is. The speaker is behind that. Sadly, my speaker's copper wire has sort of snapped off from the circuitry and I can't do much about it for the moment.

GlennR17 months ago

This was one GREAT tutorial. I bought my 8 year old a 1998 Christmas Furby brand new, never opened. Paid $20 for it on Ebay. Got it and it didn't work. Got a refund but the seller said they didn't want it back since it didn't work. I figured "What have I got to lose?" He's alive and well now and back in his original box, ready for Christmas morning! Instructables, YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!!!

He does speak a little, but then the engines stop again mid sentences and he's once again dead. I keep turning and turning the little wheel, he speaks a little, then stops again! The batteries are fresh outta the package. Help :(

This really works. I did not play with Furby for 12 years and he came back to life. Just keep turning and turning the horizontal gear to the right. It may take a long time, but eventually it will begin to work. Too much fun!!

Gerardsgrlxo8 months ago

I might have to test this when I get my vintage Furby - thanks!

wow I also got mine at a gsale for 25cents my thoughts were to sell it on ebay, I've never had a furby and was looking for the "on" switch, ha! anyways did what you said it's now working and I will try to flip it on ebay doesn't matter how much as I only spent that 25 cents! thanks for the great instructions!

I followed the instructions, turned the gear several upon several times and all I got was some movement out of the mouth, eyes and ears but it never kicked on... HELP!! I'd love to have my old buddy back

Getting ready for a yard sale and found an old Furby. I thought he was a gone for good. But with your instructions and a little patience he worked. Of course I have no idea what he says or what he does. I never had one. Guess that is next thing I have to look up. Thanks you for the instuctions

merlin19741 year ago

This worked for two dead furbies! Note: thought it wasnt working, then put a new set of batteries in and it started up. The frozen furby had drained a new set of batteries in a week in its frozen state. So just a heads up to start this procedure with a new set of batteries.

jallen22 years ago
Will this work for a comatose Baby Furby?

Yes, it does. My 2 baby furbies that were comatose finally woke up! :) It works just the same!

lambsb (author)  jallen22 years ago
Not sure about the baby furby, I think they don't have a moving base. I believe my little girl has one I'll take a look at it and get back.

Thank you SOOO much! My baby furbies work again after 15 years! I had to re-seam everything but the work great!

nniece1 year ago
I followed it to the tea. And it worked perfectly.
sivle1 year ago

Hi I tried turning the horizontal small black gear in the front on the right.Furby's eye's opened&closed,mouth open&closed,ears moved while I was turning the gear,but Furby didn't come back to life,Help!!!Please E-mail me,and suggest what I should do batmancrowned@yahoo.com,Thank You.

sbelanger21 year ago
Fantastic instructions. We bought a 1998 furby in the box for $2 from a thrift store. Instructions included. Your repair brought that little sucker back to life. My 2 year old daughter is going to love this when she sees it in the morning. The hardest part was getting the zip tie back over the base. I almost wish I just snipped it, reattached a new one, and sewed it back closed. Thanks for the great info.
bdorn21 year ago
Thank you so much! Furby is back in working order now.
tlitman1 year ago
Fantastic!! My sisters 1st gen Furby revived after following your instructions!
I had to cut the plastic cable wrapper to skin it, but just replaced it, so our Furby - and 6-year old - is happy now :-) Thank you for an excellent instruction.
Thank you so much :) I was able to wake up a sweet white comatose furby bought on ebay listed "Broken-for parts!!" He's awake, feeling fine and grateful that he wasn't scrapped for parts ;)
My furby woke up before I could operate (oops - didn't remove the battery). His skin was almost off and when he started singing I almost dropped him! I'm having trouble getting his skin anchored around the rim, but he's working just fine! Thank you!
inikki3 years ago
I know this is about a year old, but I just recently aquired a furby this guy had, and found this. I was taking off it's skin when it decided to wake up before me not doing anything else, but he'd only go back to sleep. I let him sleep for awhile(a couple hours) and then tried to wake him back up again. I tried the tongue and jiggling thing but he still went to bed.

I guess it's possible I need better batteries?
lambsb (author)  inikki3 years ago
Fresh batteries are a must. I would think if he woke up there probably is no problem. Furbies are a lot like me, they don't like to be woke up in the morning. Sometimes it takes a few tries, or try holding the tongue down and turn Furby upside down. (If I remember correctly that is the official way to wake a furby as published by Tiger Electronics). Good luck with your furby adoption!
Hmm... I actually have the same "narcoleptic furby" problem seen above yur comment..... He DOES waske up, but only if i like push his base a bunch, then that wont work, then i gotta RESTART HIM just for him to say me sleep again and go to sleep :( so i skinned it and im gonna FIND IT IN MAH STORAGE D: its been there for at least a month, hot, stinky, ewww......... don't really wanna know if it's gonna go comatose by then, but it might ACTALLY wake up if i do somethin...or I'll curcuit bend it... yeah.... i'll curcuit bend it..... oooooooh... :D
lambsb (author)  FurbyWorks1 year ago
Just be careful. Circuit bent Furbys can develop nasty habits and an unhealthy appetite for mad science or destruction lol!
Hmmm... I myself have decided to NOT actually curcuet BEND it, rather I'll just stick tinfoil somehwere on the circuit board. It's not rocket science. Honestly I've never experienced ANY problems with my Dah Noh-lah, but she does get that buzzing eye thing at random times... I'll have to look at that. But Doo-moh I would be good for a fur switch. Doo-moh II is... loud. Crazy loud. And don't even get me started on U-tye. he SHRIEKS. sHRIEKS I TELL YOU, SHRIEKS!!! He's like a furby Baby with a furby adult's gears in the same adorable carapace. I wanted the name flops. I'm not putting his batteries back in, since he'll enslave us all with his mind-numbing shrieks of death! MUAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! MAN i gotta get Kee-tah (furby boom) ready for Chris' party on saturday MUAHAHAAAA! I don't wanna tell you guys about all my furbys' defects, I'll make a showcase thingy for that *wink* i dont want to make the worlds longest comment!!! :D i have 10 furbys now. hm. one for every year I've had a bad life... till i got portal... I'll hthink about that, bye!
Thanks for this great instructable! You helped make a 7-year-old girl very happy! I had a spot of trouble getting the 6 volts to the connections on the side of the battery compartment when it was closed. I slightly bent out the connectors inside the battery box that are supposed to touch the ones in the battery door, followed your wonderful instructions, and Furby woke right up! Thanks again!
Just call me Dr. Furby! Thanks so much!! What great find!!
chelsea15152 years ago
I bought a Furbie at a local Boot Fair for $5. Unused from a display unit. Disappointed when it didn't work when brand new batteries were inserted but then I found this website. I read through the instructions, took loads of verbal micky taking from husband and friends and as I didn't relish the idea of dismantling poor Furbie I thought I would try the shaking, resetting, holding tongue, racking the rocker etc. In fact was fairly 'rough' with him and to my absolute amazement, he yawned and has had us in fits of laughter ever since. Hilarious - but how do I switch him off ? Is it a case of removing batteries? Thank you so much, I feel I have achieved something that my builder husband was unable to whether it be by patience or the fact I will google for help and he won't!! Think it's a man thing. lol
It took me about an hour to do the repair. The only difference from your directions was our face plate. Our face plate had a small plastic hook above the sensor and was held on with 2 screws, one on either side of the face, no glue. There was a little glue by the ears, but I opted not to put new glue.
Thank you so much! I emailed Hasbro recently and they offered no help or suggestions to start our new in the box vintage Furby. We have a limited edition Autumn Furby from 1999. My brother in law bought him at a toy store he used to work at when they were going out of business. A couple of turns of the wheel and he came to life! Our 7 yr. old will be so pleased.
rickywolsch2 years ago
Thought I bought 2 dead furbys at a flee market. But thanks to your instructions they are alive and well !!!
kittyred2 years ago
Thanks so much for this tutorial!!! I bought 2 orig. Furbies around the same time and several years ago finally took the batteries out of both to prevent leakage and damage. Yesterday neither worked until I used your instructable. I also like someone else just cut the zip tie and replaced it with a 14" one and cut off the excess - much easier to do it that way. Also, I did not re-glue his fur back on (He had tons of glue that made it difficult to get the body apart to work on it) in case I have to do this "surgery" again and he looks fine. I only put a stitch or two in the ears and tied the ends in the back for the same reason. Thanks again! I was so sucessful I have another waiting in line for his surgery. :o)
After seeing how this worked, I was able to start two "dead" Furby's using a small screwdriver inserted in above the beak to work on the corkscrew motor. It took a few seconds of pushing it around with the screwdriver and then I was able to get both working again. Seeing this helped me know what the goal was.

So, you can do this without taking them apart.
akb622 years ago
Your instructions were wonderful! I have a working Furby and a very happy little boy now. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this!
deneen20002 years ago
Thank you! I not only enjoyed bringing our Furbys back to life I'm inspired to help others! dah may-lah (big hug)
sny13 years ago
Hi, I just bought a brand new unopened Bear Furby off of E-Bay and had the same problem. I was lucky to find your website with instructions and now my Furby is alive and very active. Thanks so much for posting this!! xx
bear furby.jpg
lambsb (author)  sny12 years ago
Lookin Good!!
So glad to help!
lambsb (author) 2 years ago
Still glad to be of help. Very glad this instructable has helped many during the Christmas season bring smiles to little ones faces once again!
bbathje2 years ago
Thank you so much. You saved the day.
ahasten2 years ago
You are my Christmas MIRACLE!!!! I got vintage NIB 1998 Furbies for all 3 of my kids and when I went to put them in the stocking, NONE of them worked! So here I am, 11:09pm Christmas Eve and I just finished Furby Surgery #1 and IT WORKED!!!! The furby is back to life and gently hanging in a stocking waiting for morning! 2 more to go, but I am so thankful for your instructions!
jburress2 years ago
I have this same furby as you have in the pictures. He was new in the box, but didn't work at all when I put batteries in yesterday. Luckily I found this, and followed your instructions, and he works great! I would have never known how to fix him. Thanks!!! :D
Wow! He's been quiet for at least 8 years! I worked on him for hours, thinking, "what's to lose?" when I turned that horizontal thingy, Furby said "Cocadoodle-doo!" and I jumped!
Thank you SO much!
bowersd652 years ago
I just did this to my Old boy... from 1998. I was really sad when I got him back out of storage and he wouldn't turn on. Thank you! :) He is talking up a storm!
Remag12342 years ago
Kudos and more kudos. I wish I had you for a neighbor. I just received a 1999 New Furby in a sealed box. I dreaded using your method but saw post and tried that and it worked.
This is one of the Best Instructables yet. Thank you.
BTW, the new Furby is the Tiger like yours.
lambsb (author)  Remag12342 years ago
Lol thanks for the comment. I'm very pleased that this instructable has managed to help so many Furby owners in need, both collectors and children alike. I only wish I could contribute more instructables like this. Maybe one day the right one will pop in my head like this one did...
alewanda2 years ago
Anyone who has an old Furby that wont wake up....THIS WORKS! : )
cnigelk2 years ago
Excellent instructions - 20 yr old daughter's furby is alive - but then it always was if it was just sleeping / in a coma. Daughter is very happy.
justdebbie2 years ago
We just performed surgery on our furby as directed by you... and...
it worked! thank you very much.
theantiyou3 years ago
We have 3 unopened Furby's in our store with this same problem. The Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. All we had to do was replace the batteries and press the bottom/ rocking stand in and out. This with rotate the cam slowly, you will see its eyes close slowly as you feel the stand starting to get stiff like it should be in sleep mode.

Definitely saves the risk of opening it up
Hi. I just read your posting after viewing the tutorial and decided to just rock the base as you suggested, worked great! Thanks. I had purchased a dead furby just because it was the color my daughter was wanting and hoped I could Forest Gump my way through finding a way to repair it, and thanks to you my job was sooo easy.
Hey this worked for me too. I got a lovely limited edition Spring Furby on ebay that was comatose when it arrived. But I just pumped the bottom stand with the batteries in like you said and it woke up after a couple of minutes. So pleased!
I've tried this with 2 furbys I got from eBay, for one I could follow all the steps and got the motor moving but once it started it went on for like 5 minutes and I ended up taking the batteries out just to get it to stop. Any suggestions? Also, the other furby I got doesn't look anything like the one in the pictures for this tutorial. I don't know how to get it apart. Both were comatose when I got them, so how do I fix them?
Evervaliant2 years ago
I bought my 12 year-old son a Furby on eBay. He impatiently waited for a week for it to arrive and it was comatose on arrival. Your instructable provided a fun bonding time for the two of us as we magically brought his Furby back from the dead. He has a book that he got at a thrift store entitled "Training Your Furby" and he has been playing with it non-stop since we brought it back to life.

It only takes a few minutes to complete this procedure and it was well worth the effort! Thank you for posting this!
sarlee3 years ago
maybe im not strong enough, but how did you push the zip tie without any damage? i have been trying to get past that point but its prooving to be impossible. at least for me. is it suppose to be this hard or am i doing something wrong?
i just cut the plastic cable tie and put a new one in after i got furby working
TURKISHLIL3 years ago
thank you so much - it worked ! I was sceptical about taking furby apart but glad I did - he's now chattering away after 2 years sleeping

easy to follow instructions and so grateful for the instructions - thought he was a gonner.

n0saj26003 years ago
AMAZING! I'm just getting into Circuit Bending & Furbys. I ordered a bunch from eBay, some working and some "broken." I just opened one of the broken ones and had it working within a few minutes of reading this tutorial. Thank you so much!!!
Bijoou3 years ago
I have 3 troubled Furbeys including one donated to an Episcopalian Church run Thrift Shop away because he/she/it was very fouled mouthed. I say Sir, do you make house calls?
kvpla3 years ago
You Rock!! The little fella WORKS!! :-))) I may regret it but 6 yr old got this for Christmas, brother had it sitting wrapped in package for years, now she can experience a cool toy from the past!!
Pankake3 years ago
Question, I get movement from Furby but no sound. It seems it will respond to sound, light, and being turned over. Any suggestions?
lambsb (author) 3 years ago
Also as an afterthought if the furby is "sick" he will sleep a lot until he is well fed and happy. If he was a previously appreciated furby like you say, he's probably been neglected for a while since his last meal. You should try pressing the reset button on the bottom of the base with a pen.
lambsb (author) 3 years ago
I am so glad to see all the comments from those whom have had success with this instructable, keeping the furbish community off the endangered species list! I personally have revived 4 to date, not to mention those who have posted here. If the instructable doesn't work for you I'm led to believe something else is wrong with your specimen. I am sorry but I haven't really explored the species in any greater detail to lead you to what might be wrong. Look for loose/corroded wiring etc... and post back.
I accidentaly broke the zip tie and I can't get my furby back togather, and I can't get him to work either.
Well, for the zip tie (which I accidently broke myself) I just use thread to substitute for the tie. About your other problem. dunno. I was just following the directions to repair my own Furby.
dclark213 years ago
Fortunately for me, I had a Coma Furby that used screws to keep the faceplate on instead of glue. I do not own a glue gun. I was happy.
dclark213 years ago
Thank you! You're instructions saved Meemee, my Christmas Furby! Now my Halloween Furby, Tohloo, won't be lonely anymore. (They just sang themselves to sleep... lol)
I acquired an adorable orange "Halloween Furby" in an unopened box only to find that she also was comatose. However she emerged from surgery bright and cheery! Thank you for the instructable, without which there would be no Maylah. :)
tcateon3 years ago
OMG@! It worked!

i am so excited.... and yet sad. bc i had a furby i loved who went coma and i got ride of him.

glad i could fix this one for my bff's bday :-)
cfletcher24 years ago
Started mine.. Worked for a while, went to sleep.. Back in a coma.. So Im trying again. THIS DAMN FURBY WILL NOT WIN!!!
abriggs4514 years ago
my daughter is seven and didnt know what a furby was so i pulled 2 new still in the box out of my closet put in batteries and nothing!! I did the surgery to 1 of them and it was a success! Now my daughter can enjoy them just like i did when they came out! Off to do the other now so they can chit chat!
jcrowe34 years ago
I got my brand new furby off of Ebay and the same thing happened to me. I put in the batteries and nothing happened. I decided to try this and it worked! Thank you so much for posting this, you're awesome! :)
Hi! Thanks for these instructions, they workd perfectly, but when my furby turned on, only his mechanical side worked.. he isnt making any sound.. any suggestions??
nessafly834 years ago
I am so greatful i found this!!! I honestly thought I probably couldnt figure it out but it went so smoothly and my furby started right up with a yawn and a cockadoodle doo! Now my kid brother can have all the fun i had with this toy!Thanks amillion!
rmaloney4 years ago
Hello there, Ive tried this on my grey furby. Once I have the cam in the down posistion, I don't hear the motor pulsating as I turn, so it's not working :( . The batteries are 1.5 v...Any suggestions or other things to look for?
macatraca4 years ago
Worked succesfully in my 1st gen Spanish furby. Thanks!!!
xgothxgirlx4 years ago
I want to try this but i'm quite nervous about breaking the zip tie, because my furby tulu was a limited edition 1999 christmas furby.

It broke my heart when he stopped working ):
You could replace the zip tie if it does break. They are not expensive and you can get them at home depot. You'll have to open the end of the sleeve it sits in, and then stitch it back together by hand, but it isn't hard and won't show... I'm fairly certain this is what they did when they put them together in the factory. When I opened mine, her' s shattered, so i ran a piece of white cotton yarn through the sleeve, tied it tight and trimmed the ends. Good as new!
jallen24 years ago
Worked great! Other than he sneezes a lot. My Furby also had screws holding his faceplate on(generation 2 giraffe) . So glad that I didn't have to dispose of him. Thanks for the great guide!
skiel4 years ago
thank you for this tutorial i fix my girlfriend furby¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ the speaker was dead :D i don't spend nothing....:D
Thanks so much for posting this I just used it to resurect a NIB Ebay 1999 toy; my first Furbies. Pretty cool I feel like Dr. Frankenstein. If these instructions weren't here & clear this delightfully disgusting toy would probably be needlessly orphaned on the Island of Misfit Toys . . . .
vlawton4 years ago
Thanks a bunch! I was cleaning my basement and came across my old furby. He was doa.

Following these directions and he's back in working order. What I'll do with it, I have no idea, haha... but he works!

Mine is slightly different in that the face plate had 2 screws and a clip holding it in place.... so no need for any glue around the face but the fur around ear openings was glued down instead of clipped. Other than that most of the same directions worked.
Absolutely brilliant guidance. I am not technically minded at all but I have now bought my Furby out of a coma after 12 years in its box! Thank you!
lambsb (author)  judehargreaves4 years ago
LOL Sorry I didn't reply yesterday, I would have said it's probably worth the try from what I have noticed most have this same problem. Congrats on the revival!
Hi, I have just found my furby in its box where its been for the last 10 years at least. I have put fresh batteries in but nothing is happening. I've read your tutorial and am tempted to have a go but wonder if it is worth it as the furby is in the tilted forward position. Do u think its worth the effort if this might not be the same problem? Thanks
engarga4 years ago
thanks!! my spanish furby is alive!!
snowtime5004 years ago
Thank you! Perfect directions!
cinnyswirls4 years ago
Worked flawlessly on a new furby bought from eBay. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!
I bought a Furby from Goodwill today and he wasn't working...i did your tutorial up to the part where you turn the gears and it's not working. I've been turning it to the right for over an hour. :/ Any help
lambsb (author)  chelseatheheart5 years ago
Hmmm sorry to hear you're having trouble. The main thing is to have good batteries in Furby when you're turning the gear. Of course there is a possibility that there is something else wrong with your furby. This instructable is for those that have sat on the base so long they've lost their "home" position and therefore won't start normally.
I bought a Furby from Goodwill today and he wasn't working...i did your tutorial up to the part where you turn the gears and it's not working. I've been turning it to the right for over an hour. :/ Any help?
thank you so much! the "easter bunny" brought one to my daughter this year and to our amazement he would not wake up. the box had never been opened and i was scared i'd have to find another one.
Nanilk5 years ago
Gracias me sirvio bastante,  he, la brida es un vil sincho, de esos q se usan para los cables o sujetar algujnas piezas.

melmano5 years ago
Merci !
(Thanks a lot !)

Ça a marché !
(It worked !)

Merci d'avoir mis cette solution en ligne !
(Thank you for putting this how-to online !)

Thank you.
I love furbys!!!!!!
I wish i still had mine but my baby sister broke it.
how much are they
wuzadoo5 years ago
I searched high and low for a way to bring our NIB Furby and another that was given to us to life.  This method worked flawlessly.  THANK YOU so much!  One hint:  Just because your batteries are new, doesn't mean they are good.  I put new Duracells in, and out of the package they checked at 1.3 volts.  The Furby's just can't work on such low voltage.  After putting in new Energizers that checked at 1.57 volts each, the method worked great.
Again, thank you for taking the time to post this!
I'm trying to get mine working again...I followed the instructable, and it doesn't seem to be working. When the moter is supposed to 'start', my multimeter shows the motor is going in...reverse from the way it is supposed to be going. If I continue turning, the furby eventually does yawn, I keep turning (the moter STILL hasn't kicked in), the furby starts talking, and I STILL have to turn. I can manually drive the moter by unplugging it from the jack on the motherboard, sticking a couple of pins in, and running +4.5V to it (positive on red). And I can't plug the jack in backwards. Any ideas? I will try swapping the wires myself.
lambsb (author)  Cricket_Lover5 years ago
Well..... That's kind of strange that it would try to run backward, when I was "pushing" mine the motor did tend to stutter before it kicked in, kind like it was trying but couldn't. I just kept pushing and it came to life. If you've turned the motor by applying voltage then it is obviously good. Remember that the starting point is when the base is extended from the body and the gear tab (indicated by yellow arrow in step 6) is pointing down. I believe you will have to turn past this point in the direction indicated to make it wake up. How much voltage is being sent to the motor by the motherboard? (Ha, we both said motherboard in reference to a Furby)
I'll try to hook up some leads and manually do a backwards run. If it works, I might break some plastic so I can plug it in backwards.
What I mean is plug the moter in backward to the motherboard via leads
And I have been turning it a lot past there, about 5 times past. Instructables sure needs an "edit comment" button...
Oh yeah, the voltage is along the lines if -2.7 volts if memory serves correctly. I remember it was between -2.5 and -3
Southpaw426 years ago
Wow, thanks for this excellent tutorial! This actually spurred me to buy my first Furby. :) I recently bought two white 1998 models "new in box" on eBay for my girlfriend, opened them last night and had a really tough time getting them to wake up. Finally I just left the batteries in them for a couple of hours, then did the initial "re-start". One woke up! The other seems to be either dead or in a coma and has made no sign of life at all. I noticed from other posts on the web that this seems to be happening a lot with "new" 11 year old Furbys. The bases of both Furbys we only extended about 1/8" in the box, yet one surprised me by suddenly coming to life . Any thoughts on how I should proceed at this point to revive Comatose Furby? I have no idea if the problem is mechanical or electronic or both. i'd rather not perform surgery on him, but I'll do it if it will save his life! ;)
lambsb (author)  Southpaw426 years ago
Congrats on your Furby purchase! I do believe however that this Instructable is for you, your furby demonstrates the symptoms that led me to create this Instructable. If you decide to proceed we are here to help and good luck!
It's aliiiiiiive!!! It's aliiiiiiive!!! So I got to Step 7 and turned the required gear MAYBE one or two notch widths and the thing instantly came alive. Maybe I should have just shaken the heck out of it to see if it would work, but it's alive and chatty now. And naked. So now I just have to put it back together. :P Thanks again for the instruction!
HraaaRR6 years ago
I thought that all the furbies were dead by now. This surprised me.
Hey thanks for the instructions! I was able to get my poor dead furby a new lease on life! He thanks you also. XD
lambsb (author)  lizzlekitten6 years ago
Congrats on your success! I'm so glad to be of help, that's what this Instructable is all about, right?
Ugh i wish i still had my furbies so i could mod em.
alessiof766 years ago
I have a Furby 11 years old, and my daughter (3 years) played with it .. now it jams, repeats phrases .. could it be the same problem?
lambsb (author)  alessiof766 years ago
I'm not sure you would have the same problem, sounds like something caught in the gear or a problem with the chip itself.
AndyGadget6 years ago
Years ago I stripped one right down and then ground away all the non-vital bits of plastic to give a Monster Zombie Skeletal Furby From Hell. It looked quite horrific when I'd finished. Sadly now gone to the Big Furball in the Sky.
fwjs286 years ago
wow, remember these when i was a kid still have two i have a black/grey one and a mutlicolor one...i always wanted to hack the