Step 1: Check Furby's Vitals.

First before continuing on, if you haven't done so insert fresh new batteries into Furby, turn him upside down and press the little reset button on the bottom. If this doesn't wake him, remove the batteries, and secure the battery door so it's not in your way. Now check the base of the furby and note it's position. If properly parked, furby should be leaning forward as to sleep. If the base isn't extended from Furby's bottom, this Instructable is for you. Toh Loh is a Rainbow Furby. After an extended period of storage, he has entered the comatose state. Note his position sitting flat on the table. Also note the dazed and confused look on his face. (Yes, I'm looking for his other eyelash).
<p>I've been spinning the small cog and every now and then I get a spark of life but then stalls again. Have put Nu Lu (1999) back together and will try again another day :(</p>
<p>PS an eyelash fell off during the skinning! </p>
<p>Thank you very much! I got two Ferbys from the Goodwill and now they both work. 1998 and a 2012. I love the internet! </p>
<p>Thank you Lambsb! Followed your instructions and Furby is awake. To AWright67: as soon as I pushed on the small gear with a small screwdriver, I could feel the motor trying to turnover. After a few more gentle pushes, the motor kicked in and took over. Not more than 30 seconds. Furby woke up and became his old chatterbox self again,</p>
I have one that has been in a coma for about 10 years. Im trying to jump start and I've been turning the small gear for twenty minutes. No luck. Is there a time limit i need to turn it or do you think he's not goning to wake up?
Hey lambsb!<br><br>Thanks so much for this instructable! My mom is in terminal condition, and this is likely her last Christmas with us. She has a Millennium Furby which has been in a coma as long as I can remember. Using your instructable I was able to wake him up! I believe he is saying his name is &quot;Nah Bah&quot; but I'm not positive. He seems fully functional now and happy to be here. He said he had a &quot;long sleep.&quot; :)<br><br>There were a couple of things that were different from your example. The back pressure plate is black this Furby, and it is hot glued in place. There was also glue holding the fur on at a spot on the back and behind each eye. The face plate is connected with two screws on the side and a plastic hook at the top. Everything else was exactly the same, so I had no problem following your instructions.<br><br>I can't express how grateful I am for your awesome instructable! I'm going to surprise my mom tomorrow when I present her with her old friend, awake after so long. I don't think there us a better Christmas gift I could give her. Thank you thank you so much. You've provided a small miracle for someone who truly deserves it.
I have one with plastic ears and no reset button that i can find. Its covering wont come off all the way because of the ears... How do i get it apart?
<p>My daughter has a purple furby we went up north and it was in the trunk but now it will not turn on and the mouth is stuck open please help we've changed the batteries and pressed the reset button and nothing is working.</p>
Got it ... But all I hear is gears moving can hardly hear the little thing talk.... Not as cool as I remember them to be .
I can not take the fur off . I even cracked the plastic trying !!! HELP
Thank you for the guide! Both of my Furbies made a full recovery! They thank you too! :D
<p>I bought my crystal furby on ebay just before easter and now after what I thought needed new batteries, it wakes up, says something and falls asleep with no mechanics working , mouth doesn't move . I took fur off but the body seems to have a silver foil all around it so I'm afraid to go any further :-( . If only there were furby fixers to do it here.</p>
<p>believe name is Toh Loo Ka. Been asleep for 15 years and daughter now 32 is thrilled to have her son meet her. Thanks</p>
<p>I would like to know your process for taking and posting such excellent photos.. Thank you.. Now if you have any idea how to fix talking Pee Wee Herman :)</p>
<p>Hi, Our 1999 Graduate Furby's eyes don't open. Otherwise it works perfectly (little noisy:-)))) </p><p>Should I try to open them with force? </p><p>Thank you....</p>
All of our Furbys' eyelids work off a friction type connection and can be easily moved by hand. However I would think they should realign themselves to be able to open on their own after some use. You could try to gently move them. I wouldnt hesitate with our Furbys but none of ours have been to college so i dont know if the graduate Furby is made the same lol. Good luck!
<p>Hi, thank you for your reply. I used screwdriver and had to<br>force it open but it works now perfectly. Thank you so much!!!</p>
<p>Hello, I have a gremlin furby that is stuck. This furby has arms that move so I can't pull the fur up like a regular furby. Any ideas?</p>
I haven't seen the ones with arms so I'm not sure. When did they grow arms?
<p>&quot;Gizmo&quot; furby was a special edition released by Tiger electronics back around 1999 or 2000. I figured out how to get into mine by undoing the seam down the back and had to cut the zip tie to be able to get the &quot;arms&quot; out. The arms are flexible wires that you can bend back out of the fur and then proceed as above. The body and &quot;innards&quot; are otherwise identical to a regular furby. Seems a little more destructive and will take more work to put him back together, but I couldn't figure out another way. Unfortunately I couldn't get mine &quot;woken up&quot; from his coma. :( I think he's really and truly dead. I've added some pictures in case anyone else has a Gizmo they need to get into.</p>
Thank you, it worked!
Your welcome glad to help!
<p>help! fixed one furby but the the other one (which was fine before) started making a buzzing sound - no movement either. i have taken him apart, tried the jump start (white gear is in the down position already) turned &amp; turned the black gear (to the right) but all he does is BUZZ! any suggestions???</p>
<p>I'll paste this here too in case others are following....</p><p>Sad to hear about your troubled Furby. Can you tell if the buzzing is coming from the speaker or the motor? That may provide a clue. I've never had one do that before. It's been a while since I've done open part surgery on these critters so I can't remember if the speaker plugs in or if it's soldered to the board. If it's a plug you may try very gently unplugging it and see if it still buzzes. Obviously if it buzzes with the speaker unhooked then it's something in the motor. If it's the speaker buzzing that doesn't sound good, maybe something wrong with the board.</p>
<p>thanks, but i am fairly sure it is not just the speaker. the speaker is soldered in but furby just buzzes now. he does not move at all. i have tried to push start him with no luck. if you have any other suggestion for freeing up his motor, they would be appreciated!</p>
<p>Hi, my furby battery terminal have already corroded. how to fix it? </p>
Thank you so much, this worked beautifully. Furby was so happy to come back from the dead!
<p>Hardest part for me is sewing the ears back on. I stink at sewing. Even something as simple as this is.</p>
<p>This works perfectly! Thank you! I have been able to resurrect several Furbies this way. If your Furby will move, but not speak, you have a bad speaker and may need to find a donor. I did this for Toh-Loo.</p>
dude you are a hero got it on eBay for 19.99 and it didn't work but when I did what you told us it work really good man
<p>I'm not sure my comments posted. I need help witht the oral skills. I was able to get the motor skills working great. Thanks for the good tutorial.</p>
<p>My furby moves but doesn't speak. I put fresh batteries in him and tried resetting him, but still no sound other than the mechanical sounds when he moves. Any ideas on how to fix this?</p>
Looks like ill have to do some more open part surgery on another Furby and show where the speaker wires are soldered onto the board for future reference. Seems there are a lot of mute Furbys out there....
<p>How long do I have to rotate?</p>
Sorry for the slow reply its been awhile. I just rotated with the batteries in until Furby wakes up. Then pull the batteries to reassemble (after you play with him without his skin for awhile, of course you want to watch it all work)<br>
<p>ahoy lambsb</p><p>&gt;shopping at salvation army with 8 yr old neice</p><p>&gt;find loose furby for $1</p><p>&gt;doesnt work.jpg</p><p>&gt;knew some people had furby fixin skills on interwebs</p><p>&gt;google.com</p><p>&gt;found ur site</p><p>&gt;PROFIT !!!</p><p>thnx a lot / getting ziptie ring back on is most difficult part of this repair (!)</p>
I have a Shelby which after sitting in the closet for a couple of years, has lost its voice. I put new batteries in it, and its parts all seem to move OK. But when its mouth moves, no voice. I'm trying to get the top shell off to see the innards but one screw is stuck. Can somebody give me some advice on how to get the shell off, assuming that is the correct pathway to the speaker and connections? Any advice on getting my Shelby's voice back will be appreciated.
<p>Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem with mine. I haven't taken him apart, I'm not sure what to do!</p>
<p>I tried it with mine and had the same problem as you did. I opened the front bit, where the stomach sensor is. The speaker is behind that. Sadly, my speaker's copper wire has sort of snapped off from the circuitry and I can't do much about it for the moment.</p>
<p>This was one GREAT tutorial. I bought my 8 year old a 1998 Christmas Furby brand new, never opened. Paid $20 for it on Ebay. Got it and it didn't work. Got a refund but the seller said they didn't want it back since it didn't work. I figured &quot;What have I got to lose?&quot; He's alive and well now and back in his original box, ready for Christmas morning! Instructables, YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!!!</p>
He does speak a little, but then the engines stop again mid sentences and he's once again dead. I keep turning and turning the little wheel, he speaks a little, then stops again! The batteries are fresh outta the package. Help :(
<p>This really works. I did not play with Furby for 12 years and he came back to life. Just keep turning and turning the horizontal gear to the right. It may take a long time, but eventually it will begin to work. Too much fun!!</p>
<p>I might have to test this when I get my vintage Furby - thanks!</p>
<p>wow I also got mine at a gsale for 25cents my thoughts were to sell it on ebay, I've never had a furby and was looking for the &quot;on&quot; switch, ha! anyways did what you said it's now working and I will try to flip it on ebay doesn't matter how much as I only spent that 25 cents! thanks for the great instructions!</p>
<p>I followed the instructions, turned the gear several upon several times and all I got was some movement out of the mouth, eyes and ears but it never kicked on... HELP!! I'd love to have my old buddy back</p>
<p>Getting ready for a yard sale and found an old Furby. I thought he was a gone for good. But with your instructions and a little patience he worked. Of course I have no idea what he says or what he does. I never had one. Guess that is next thing I have to look up. Thanks you for the instuctions </p>
<p>This worked for two dead furbies! Note: thought it wasnt working, then put a new set of batteries in and it started up. The frozen furby had drained a new set of batteries in a week in its frozen state. So just a heads up to start this procedure with a new set of batteries. </p>
Will this work for a comatose Baby Furby?
<p>Yes, it does. My 2 baby furbies that were comatose finally woke up! :) It works just the same!</p>
Not sure about the baby furby, I think they don't have a moving base. I believe my little girl has one I'll take a look at it and get back. <br>

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