Step 13: Replace the Battery and Enjoy!

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Now replace the battery you removed while Furby was sleeping, close the battery door and secure the screw. Furby should pop back to life and will be happy to see you. Don't worry, your furby will soon forget this traumatic experience, and most likely so will your children. Don't forget to keep good batteries in your furby as a prevention of this problem again. Remember if your furby seems to want to go back to sleep when you first wake him, hold down his tongue and jiggle him upside down, then release the tongue to wake him. Pictured here are my Rainbow Furby Toh Loh and my little girls Tiger Furby Doo Moh, both recovering coma patients and both happy to see each other. If you don't have a Furby, keep in mind my little girl bought her furby from a yard sale for a quarter, probably because it wouldn't wake up. I hope this Instructable will work for you and I hope you will be able to enjoy your furby once again. If this Instructable helps you please comment and tell us the name of your brave and lucky furby. Have fun!

ahoy lambsb

>shopping at salvation army with 8 yr old neice

>find loose furby for $1

>doesnt work.jpg

>knew some people had furby fixin skills on interwebs


>found ur site


thnx a lot / getting ziptie ring back on is most difficult part of this repair (!)

GlennR18 months ago

This was one GREAT tutorial. I bought my 8 year old a 1998 Christmas Furby brand new, never opened. Paid $20 for it on Ebay. Got it and it didn't work. Got a refund but the seller said they didn't want it back since it didn't work. I figured "What have I got to lose?" He's alive and well now and back in his original box, ready for Christmas morning! Instructables, YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!!!

sbelanger21 year ago
Fantastic instructions. We bought a 1998 furby in the box for $2 from a thrift store. Instructions included. Your repair brought that little sucker back to life. My 2 year old daughter is going to love this when she sees it in the morning. The hardest part was getting the zip tie back over the base. I almost wish I just snipped it, reattached a new one, and sewed it back closed. Thanks for the great info.
bdorn21 year ago
Thank you so much! Furby is back in working order now.
My furby woke up before I could operate (oops - didn't remove the battery). His skin was almost off and when he started singing I almost dropped him! I'm having trouble getting his skin anchored around the rim, but he's working just fine! Thank you!
Thanks for this great instructable! You helped make a 7-year-old girl very happy! I had a spot of trouble getting the 6 volts to the connections on the side of the battery compartment when it was closed. I slightly bent out the connectors inside the battery box that are supposed to touch the ones in the battery door, followed your wonderful instructions, and Furby woke right up! Thanks again!
Just call me Dr. Furby! Thanks so much!! What great find!!
chelsea15152 years ago
I bought a Furbie at a local Boot Fair for $5. Unused from a display unit. Disappointed when it didn't work when brand new batteries were inserted but then I found this website. I read through the instructions, took loads of verbal micky taking from husband and friends and as I didn't relish the idea of dismantling poor Furbie I thought I would try the shaking, resetting, holding tongue, racking the rocker etc. In fact was fairly 'rough' with him and to my absolute amazement, he yawned and has had us in fits of laughter ever since. Hilarious - but how do I switch him off ? Is it a case of removing batteries? Thank you so much, I feel I have achieved something that my builder husband was unable to whether it be by patience or the fact I will google for help and he won't!! Think it's a man thing. lol
It took me about an hour to do the repair. The only difference from your directions was our face plate. Our face plate had a small plastic hook above the sensor and was held on with 2 screws, one on either side of the face, no glue. There was a little glue by the ears, but I opted not to put new glue.
Thank you so much! I emailed Hasbro recently and they offered no help or suggestions to start our new in the box vintage Furby. We have a limited edition Autumn Furby from 1999. My brother in law bought him at a toy store he used to work at when they were going out of business. A couple of turns of the wheel and he came to life! Our 7 yr. old will be so pleased.
deneen20002 years ago
Thank you! I not only enjoyed bringing our Furbys back to life I'm inspired to help others! dah may-lah (big hug)
ahasten2 years ago
You are my Christmas MIRACLE!!!! I got vintage NIB 1998 Furbies for all 3 of my kids and when I went to put them in the stocking, NONE of them worked! So here I am, 11:09pm Christmas Eve and I just finished Furby Surgery #1 and IT WORKED!!!! The furby is back to life and gently hanging in a stocking waiting for morning! 2 more to go, but I am so thankful for your instructions!
Remag12342 years ago
Kudos and more kudos. I wish I had you for a neighbor. I just received a 1999 New Furby in a sealed box. I dreaded using your method but saw post and tried that and it worked.
This is one of the Best Instructables yet. Thank you.
BTW, the new Furby is the Tiger like yours.
lambsb (author)  Remag12342 years ago
Lol thanks for the comment. I'm very pleased that this instructable has managed to help so many Furby owners in need, both collectors and children alike. I only wish I could contribute more instructables like this. Maybe one day the right one will pop in my head like this one did...
I've tried this with 2 furbys I got from eBay, for one I could follow all the steps and got the motor moving but once it started it went on for like 5 minutes and I ended up taking the batteries out just to get it to stop. Any suggestions? Also, the other furby I got doesn't look anything like the one in the pictures for this tutorial. I don't know how to get it apart. Both were comatose when I got them, so how do I fix them?
theantiyou3 years ago
We have 3 unopened Furby's in our store with this same problem. The Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. All we had to do was replace the batteries and press the bottom/ rocking stand in and out. This with rotate the cam slowly, you will see its eyes close slowly as you feel the stand starting to get stiff like it should be in sleep mode.

Definitely saves the risk of opening it up
Hey this worked for me too. I got a lovely limited edition Spring Furby on ebay that was comatose when it arrived. But I just pumped the bottom stand with the batteries in like you said and it woke up after a couple of minutes. So pleased!
lambsb (author) 3 years ago
Also as an afterthought if the furby is "sick" he will sleep a lot until he is well fed and happy. If he was a previously appreciated furby like you say, he's probably been neglected for a while since his last meal. You should try pressing the reset button on the bottom of the base with a pen.
inikki3 years ago
I know this is about a year old, but I just recently aquired a furby this guy had, and found this. I was taking off it's skin when it decided to wake up before me not doing anything else, but he'd only go back to sleep. I let him sleep for awhile(a couple hours) and then tried to wake him back up again. I tried the tongue and jiggling thing but he still went to bed.

I guess it's possible I need better batteries?
lambsb (author)  inikki3 years ago
Fresh batteries are a must. I would think if he woke up there probably is no problem. Furbies are a lot like me, they don't like to be woke up in the morning. Sometimes it takes a few tries, or try holding the tongue down and turn Furby upside down. (If I remember correctly that is the official way to wake a furby as published by Tiger Electronics). Good luck with your furby adoption!
lambsb (author) 3 years ago
I am so glad to see all the comments from those whom have had success with this instructable, keeping the furbish community off the endangered species list! I personally have revived 4 to date, not to mention those who have posted here. If the instructable doesn't work for you I'm led to believe something else is wrong with your specimen. I am sorry but I haven't really explored the species in any greater detail to lead you to what might be wrong. Look for loose/corroded wiring etc... and post back.
I accidentaly broke the zip tie and I can't get my furby back togather, and I can't get him to work either.
Well, for the zip tie (which I accidently broke myself) I just use thread to substitute for the tie. About your other problem. dunno. I was just following the directions to repair my own Furby.
I acquired an adorable orange "Halloween Furby" in an unopened box only to find that she also was comatose. However she emerged from surgery bright and cheery! Thank you for the instructable, without which there would be no Maylah. :)
abriggs4514 years ago
my daughter is seven and didnt know what a furby was so i pulled 2 new still in the box out of my closet put in batteries and nothing!! I did the surgery to 1 of them and it was a success! Now my daughter can enjoy them just like i did when they came out! Off to do the other now so they can chit chat!
jcrowe34 years ago
I got my brand new furby off of Ebay and the same thing happened to me. I put in the batteries and nothing happened. I decided to try this and it worked! Thank you so much for posting this, you're awesome! :)
macatraca4 years ago
Worked succesfully in my 1st gen Spanish furby. Thanks!!!
skiel4 years ago
thank you for this tutorial i fix my girlfriend furby¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ the speaker was dead :D i don't spend nothing....:D
Thanks so much for posting this I just used it to resurect a NIB Ebay 1999 toy; my first Furbies. Pretty cool I feel like Dr. Frankenstein. If these instructions weren't here & clear this delightfully disgusting toy would probably be needlessly orphaned on the Island of Misfit Toys . . . .
Absolutely brilliant guidance. I am not technically minded at all but I have now bought my Furby out of a coma after 12 years in its box! Thank you!
lambsb (author)  judehargreaves4 years ago
LOL Sorry I didn't reply yesterday, I would have said it's probably worth the try from what I have noticed most have this same problem. Congrats on the revival!
snowtime5004 years ago
Thank you! Perfect directions!
cinnyswirls4 years ago
Worked flawlessly on a new furby bought from eBay. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!
I bought a Furby from Goodwill today and he wasn't working...i did your tutorial up to the part where you turn the gears and it's not working. I've been turning it to the right for over an hour. :/ Any help
lambsb (author)  chelseatheheart5 years ago
Hmmm sorry to hear you're having trouble. The main thing is to have good batteries in Furby when you're turning the gear. Of course there is a possibility that there is something else wrong with your furby. This instructable is for those that have sat on the base so long they've lost their "home" position and therefore won't start normally.
thank you so much! the "easter bunny" brought one to my daughter this year and to our amazement he would not wake up. the box had never been opened and i was scared i'd have to find another one.
Nanilk5 years ago
Gracias me sirvio bastante,  he, la brida es un vil sincho, de esos q se usan para los cables o sujetar algujnas piezas.

wuzadoo5 years ago
I searched high and low for a way to bring our NIB Furby and another that was given to us to life.  This method worked flawlessly.  THANK YOU so much!  One hint:  Just because your batteries are new, doesn't mean they are good.  I put new Duracells in, and out of the package they checked at 1.3 volts.  The Furby's just can't work on such low voltage.  After putting in new Energizers that checked at 1.57 volts each, the method worked great.
Again, thank you for taking the time to post this!