Step 6: Look Inside Furby!

Picture of Look Inside Furby!
Now take a good look inside Furby. Ingenious! While you're admiring the workings, remember that all of Furby's actions are made possible using only one motor! Remember the old Stompers 4x4 vehicles? See these at http://www.stomper4x4.com These toys used 1 (2 if you had a big rig) AA battery to power an odd looking square motor. Furby's motor is located in front just behind the left cover. Looks like a stomper motor doesn't it! Cool! Now note the position of the cam (marked with a yellow arrow) on the big gear on Furbys right. It should be pointing downward to lift Furby off his base and lean him forward. Chances are it isn't. It's time to put Furby back in park. Put 4 fresh AA batteries in Furby and secure the battery door with the screw. Now set Furby on the table.