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A lot of people make the same excuse for not working out and getting in shape, "I need those machines, but they are way too expensive!" And that's true, those home gym machines are easily over a two thousand dollars (sometimes even more), and that's a lot of money. What most people don't understand is that you don't need those fancy machines, you can work out for no money at all. All you have to do is things like push ups, sit ups, squats, and running; these are things that include just your body. But, it is awesome to have a nice workout machine, and sometimes they provide better workouts for you than just using your body. So, a good workout machine is nice to have, but they are too expensive; and you don't even need one. That is why this push up machine is so great: it's cheap (less than 20 dollars, but I had some of the stuff), it works better than normal push ups, and it gets rid of your excuse not to work out. 


- I measured the pieces for this machine so that it works for me, and me only (unless you are my size). I am five foot four. So, when I write this instructable, I am using pieces that are meant for my size. If you are five feet four-ish, you are in luck; you can build it as I write it. But if you are six foot four, then you have to calculate for how big the pieces need to be for your machine. I guess you could say that this is a personalized machine.

- I am not responsible for you when you build this. 

sunshiine4 years ago
I loved this! Voted. My son should have seen this before he spent all his hard earned money! Awesome ible!
splazem (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
You are welcome!
Chirpoff4 years ago
Congratulations, Splazem! Enjoy your totally-awesome sandals!
splazem (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
mg0930mg4 years ago
splazem (author)  mg0930mg4 years ago
Thank you!
Chirpoff4 years ago
Congrats on being a finalist! Can't wait to see the results! :D Yay!!!
splazem (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
This is a good idea. I used to do push-ups with my toddler on my shoulders, but he got too big for that many years ago.
splazem (author)  CatTrampoline4 years ago
Ha! Thanks!
Robot Lover4 years ago
At my local recreation center, there's a pull up machine that does the opposite, it takes away weight so you can start with easier reps. You should make something like this but with push ups!
For push-ups, you can make them easier by doing them with your hands on a chair, steps, or low wall so you are tilted up while doing them. The other way to make them easier is to do knee push-ups with your knees on the floor and your back/hip/thigh line straight.
splazem (author)  CatTrampoline4 years ago
Thanks for the info!
splazem (author)  Robot Lover4 years ago
That's a good idea!
nitai1084 years ago
Now, should I make a push up machine or relax on the couch with a nice book? That is the question! Just kidding, nice 'able!
splazem (author)  nitai1084 years ago
BeFit4 years ago
Nice idea and tutorial, it could also be made out of steel, so it could hold much more weight.
splazem (author)  BeFit4 years ago
Thanks! Steel would work better, but they provided two problems for me. One, it would be much more expensive, and two, it would be less portable. Also, 20 pounds is a lot of weight on your back when you are doing pushups, so unless you are super strong, then steel wouldn't be the best option. But yes, as you said, steel would hold more weight.
Neat Idea. Much safer if you don't have a spotter
splazem (author)  UrbanEngineer934 years ago
Thanks, but what do you mean?
A spotter is a person who stands there while you workout with weights and makes sure you don't hurt yourself by like, say, dropping the weights on your self or something. Having one there can prevent extensive damage if you're working out with extensive weights. Here's an example: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQt9lBCyn_bhpDeguKftgmI1jW5DMkjXgfX_B8FojpR_mNQYQPs&t=1

Hope this helps!
splazem (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
I know what a spotter is, but I was wondering what he meant by it being safer without a spotter.
Well, I guess 'cause if you collapsed, it seems to be incapable of falling on you.
splazem (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
Oh. Yeah, if you did collapse, it would not fall on you.
Coolness! :D
splazem (author)  Chirpoff4 years ago
caarntedd4 years ago
I am a pushup machine.
splazem (author)  caarntedd4 years ago
This looks like a realy cool idea. I used to just use my backpack, but it was realy awkward to use with 50lbs in it.
splazem (author)  snowluck23454 years ago
you could make a LOT of money off of this idea. it's GREAT!!
splazem (author)  ducktape.mac4 years ago
Thanks! Maybe I could have it on KickStart...
ChrysN4 years ago
Great DIY workout machine! Though I find lifting my own weight is hard enough,LOL.
splazem (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
ClayChip4 years ago
I like the idea, and I'd also like to see the videos. They are currently set to private. Will you please change your setting so that we may watch them?
splazem (author)  ClayChip4 years ago
Oh, whoops. Thanks, I'll get right on it!