I was thinking about to build my first robot, the robot that would animate the LEDs, respond to the sensor(s) that I may be added later, or do something relate to LED that are installed on the mouth.

Image 2, is the 3D model of my robot head. An inspiration from Instructables' bot.

This is a challenge for me to built this project, a project that has a lot of things that I am about to do the first time.
This is the first time that I design a laser cut pieces, which I doubted if they are going to fit together?
This is the first time that I am using 40 LEDs in the same project.
This is the first time that I am using three TLC5940NT ICs at once.

The challenge is to put 40 LEDs, three TLC5940NT, good amount of wires to connect all LEDs to ICs into a 5x5.5x6cm. Acrylic box (Robot Head).

And here is how I did it.

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cool project! I've worked with those chips before too, it can be a pain to wire them all. Have you ever tried multiplexing a tlc5940? that way you can use one chip to control all your LEDs.
sath02 (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
This is my first time using the TLC5940!
Where I can find the info of how to multiplex the IC?
there's some really good code at the end of this pdf for how to set up the tlc5940 without using the tlc arduino library (I've tried using the library for multiplexing but it is too slow). it doesn't talk specifically about multiplexing, but there's some code here that uses it 4 tlc to multiplex 64 rgb leds:
sath02 (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Thanks for the quick respond. I'll take a look.