Put a Spring in Your Step





Introduction: Put a Spring in Your Step

Hotrod your United Nude heels: Use this method to transform your United Nude Eamz shoes into a Pedestrian Vehicle! Great for ladies everywhere who are trying to be greener while maintaining their fast paced lives.

Step 1: Obtain Your Eamz Heel

United Nude Shoes makes the Eamz heel, which is good for adapting with a coil spring.

Step 2: Calculate

your personal spring constant, or k value by Hooke's Law:
F = -kx

Derive your F, or force, value from your weight.
For example, for a woman who is 125lbs, F = approx. 570 (125lbs / 56.7 kg x 10.8 m/s2)

x is the distance that the spring compresses, which will be approximately 3/4" (or less)

Plug it into the formula, and you have your k value. Use this value to search for your personal coil spring.

Step 3: I Used a Coil Spring From Ajaxwire

Find a spring that is approximately 5/8" in diameter so it will fit. Screw one end of the spring into the Eamz heel.

Step 4: Obtain a Plain Rubber Stopper

the kind used to cap test tubes. You can get these from any chemistry supply or rubber supply store. To fit into the 5/8" spring, the 00 stopper size works best.

Step 5: Whittle the Rubber Stopper

With the wide end of the stopper on the table, use an xacto knife to cut away the rubber. You want to have a narrow rubber cylinder attached to a fat cylinder at the bottom. Make sure that your stopper is not more narrow than the space inside the coil of your spring.

Step 6: Insert the Shaped Stopper

into the spring. Because of the elasticity of the rubber, you can simply screw it in. Make sure the end of your spring is touching the wide end of your stopper.

Step 7: Repeat the Process

with your other Eamz shoe, and you have a completed pair!

Get where you're going faster and in style!



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    Love to make a boys pair of these

    I would have a serious concern about the stability of spring stilletto heel. The Heel would flex in all sideways directions more easily than straight up and down thus making a serious accident like and ankle sprain highly likely...

    just wondering where do ou get those shoes and couls they be replaced with like flats or normal high heels?

    just curious: is this supposed to be conceptual art? or do you really wear those things around? it seems like they'd be very unsteady, but that's coming from someone who only ever wears flat shoes.

    see now if u could take this concept and make something just a little more manly lol i would ware it :p

    10 replies

    There was something like this a few years back. The designer did it with running shoes, actually. It was not quite so 'girly', lol. he had a small angled piece of metal at the back of the shoe the size of the heel. It was about a 30% bend, and would allow for a 'spring' in your step even when moving up hill. I don't remember what they were called, but if I find them, I'll post it.

    Would LOVE to hear more about this!

    See my reply above about Z-coil shoes.

    I actually wasn't talking about z-coils though. The z-coils are comfortable, but I don't think they'd be as good for running, due to weight balance.

    Well zcoils were designed by a runner, and used by other runners before getting the better market segment of pain relief footwear

    Could be that I've only seen work versions. Guess that's why they didn't seem too great for running to me. Haven't seen any running shoes, but they do tend to be well made, so I suppose they'd be fine.

    I have those...I totally recommend Powerisers. However, make sure you don't go for the cheap knock offs called Powerizers. They have several other names... this site will help you pick them out.... poweriserpages.com Also, get the spring that is for the weight group after yours instead and your springs will last much longer and you will get more fit by using them.


    I'm actually a stockholder and daily wearer of a patented spring shoe system, that has been in production for over 10 years.

    Z-Coil Shoes hey may be a bit silly looking but they are seriously handy if you have knee/bac/hip problems!

    If your feet arent used to walking along pavement or concrete barefoot, then doing so would not be greener. Mainly due to the water wasted for foot soaks and medical creams to take car4e of the torn skin, ect.

    Well, yeah, but for me it would be greener...I see what you mean though.