Put Your Art on Your Ipod - Quick & Simple





Introduction: Put Your Art on Your Ipod - Quick & Simple

This is a simple trick to put your art work on your IPOD, works for the Shuffle Nano and any Ipod .

Takes only 5 minutes and you can put your own work on your Ipod without tampering with the device. Got bored of the previous art work just peel off the tape and make something new again.

You can find more details at http://chandanscorner.blogspot.com

Step 1: Paste Clear Tape on Ipod

Step 1 - Cover the Shuffle with clear tape
*Remove the USB cover
  • Paste clear tape from the usb end to the opposite usb end over the face and back of the shuffle

Step 2: Draw Your Stuff

Step 2 - Draw your stuff
Draw your art on the shuffle [on clear tape] with any perma-ink marker.

Step 3: Protect Your Art and the Shuffle

Step 3- Protect Your Art and the Shuffle
*Paste a second layer of tape over the shuffle.
*Use a blade to cut out a line around the on/off switch to let it move and a make a small hole in the tape around the headphone socket.

You are done !! Simple aint it !

Now Show off you Ipod to everyone. Only you have this in the entire world.

Find this at: http://chandanscorner.blogspot.com



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    Sorry , but to be honest , i think it's really ugly . I would Never do that with my pricest baby

    4 replies

    yeah but you can remove it, plus i can draw really well so mine would look better

    I have to agree.

    we'll if he actually did a good job on it and used good tape, then it would look good
    have skillz = go for it
    don't have skillz = don't go for it

    good idea, but It'd probably look terrible on an iPod touch, lol

    I think it is a great idea and I'd love to do it! But what about the tape? I've taped things to my iPod before and when I go to take it off and it's really sticky and gross. Any suggestions on how to avoid that?

    10 replies

    you can get like citrus de-sticker stuff at lowes and home depot. it comes in handy but its liquid so use some sort of cloth

    You can use rubbing alcohol and scrub it off...works every time.

    There's this stuff you can buy that always works for me. It's called goo-gone, and I know you can get it here (Canada) but I'm not sure about other places

    use masking tape instead, and then cover the masking tape in clear tape (or not) it's too bad that masking tape only comes in blue and white(as far as i know), but it's better than getting sticky stuff on your ipod

    you can try not removing it, because this was probably intended as permanent-like.

    Tape only seems to go gooey and sticky when you have exposed it to heat or humidity so try not to expose it to too much warmth. (That would be quite hard though as your iPod spends much of its days sitting in the cosyness of your pocket.

    A pencil eraser will get sticky residue off any slick surface without damaging it.