Put Yourself Into a Mario Game!


Introduction: Put Yourself Into a Mario Game!

About: I am an artist in many forms of media. I create graphic design on the computer, draw on paper, build with K'nex, and film/edit videos.

This is a video I put up recently. I edited it with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. This video was created by taking a screenshot of the classic game, then masking around each object (Pipe, ground, score, etc.) to isolate it. I simply stood in front of a green screen and incorporated my self into the background, then animated it to match my movements. Share this with others and cast a vote!



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    that's pretty cool!
    I love the old-school tron scan effect.

    Any plans to animate yourself through an entire level? or possibly an entire game?
    I think it'd be awesome to see a person speed-play SMB to the end, then get sucked into the game, and have to run it "for real"!

    Movie title "Wii Kinect You to Your Game"

    That's Cool!
    Now try putting yourself in other games, like legend of zelda