This is a video I put up recently. I edited it with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. This video was created by taking a screenshot of the classic game, then masking around each object (Pipe, ground, score, etc.) to isolate it. I simply stood in front of a green screen and incorporated my self into the background, then animated it to match my movements. Share this with others and cast a vote!
that's pretty cool!<br>I love the old-school tron scan effect.<br><br>Any plans to animate yourself through an entire level? or possibly an entire game?<br>I think it'd be awesome to see a person speed-play SMB to the end, then get sucked into the game, and have to run it &quot;for real&quot;!<br><br>Movie title &quot;Wii Kinect You to Your Game&quot;
That's Cool!<br>Now try putting yourself in other games, like legend of zelda<br>

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Bio: I am an artist in many forms of media. I create graphic design on the computer, draw on paper, build with K'nex, and film ...
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