Introduction: Put a Bird on It!

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Ever watched Portlandia and wish you could "put a bird on it"?  Now you can.  It's simple.

First go to

Enter a URL  and click the "put a bird on something!" button

A large bird image will come up.

Right click on it and "save image as" , call it whatever you like.

Step 1: Choose a Picture

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Now that you have the bird, choose a picture that you want to put a bird on.  Grab one off your computer or FB.  Now open that picture in Adobe Illustrator.

Once you have your picture open, go to file->place and select your bird file.  Now it will be placed on the screen.

Move it and scale it however you like.

Step 2: Finish the Bird

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Once you have placed your bird and sized it, go to file->export and save it as JPEG.  Now you have a photo with a bird on it.  

If you want to save it as a different file type at this point you can. 

No go put a bird on it!


poofrabbit (author)2012-06-08

HA HA, ok so I had to do it......

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