Picture of Put a Platial Map on Your Website
Once you have found a map on Platial or created your own, you will want to put that map on your blog or website. This instructible will walk you through the steps of how to do that.

Any Platial map can be published by anyone.

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Step 1: Click on Publish

Picture of Click on Publish

Looking at the map you want to put on your site, you will find the publish button in the side bar or under the map in the details footer.

Click it!

Step 2: The Basic Maps

Picture of The Basic Maps

On the first publish page you'll find the html for the two most basic maps. These maps show up to 40 markers and the place titles appear when you hover over the map markers with your cursor.

To get a map with all your details and pictures, go on to step three.

The Yahoo map at the bottom can be used on MySpace. It's the only version of the Platial map which will work on Myspace. Just copy the code and insert it into your MySpace profile page.

If you want to see what the map looks like on a MySpace page, here are a couple links


Step 3: Click Style This Map

Picture of Click Style This Map

To get to the schmancy-fancy map with all the fixin's, click on "Style this Map."

Step 4: Make Your Choices

Picture of Make Your Choices

First you choose which elements you want to include in your map. If you choose tags or comments, you will have links back to Platial appear under the map. The tags link back to pages showing other places with the same tag on Platial and the comments will link to the profile pages of the people who comment.

Next, pick a map marker and header. These come in sets. You can upload your own custom markers and you can even wrap the whole thing up in your own pretty css package if you are really ambitious.

For the last step, type in a title for your map. This title will appear in the header.

Click View Map to see your masterpiece.