Put a Screen Protector on Smartphone Screen NO AIR BUBBLES!





Introduction: Put a Screen Protector on Smartphone Screen NO AIR BUBBLES!

Install an  lcd screen protector on your iphone, lumia, samsung etc without getting air bubbles, this happens when dust or air is trapped under the film. One must clean clean and clean the screen until there are no smears etc on the screen then apply the protection according to the instructions then use a method similar to tinting a window and squeeze the bubbles out of it, this video shows you how, rate comment share and subscribe!



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    Hi! This is great. I gave one of my kids a SmartPhone for his birthday but didn't know anything about screen savers. He's very busy going to college part-time and working part-time so he may decide just to buy one. But it's great to have the info and you make it easy to understand how to do it. Thanks!


    thanks for an excellent video. Really appreciate the time you took, and the patient tone. thanks!

    a better way would be to use positioning tabs: http://youtu.be/Jr00DfyTsR4

    Use scotch brand tape to remove excess specs you find. also using a drinking straw by gently blowing thru it you can blow off all dust! Using a straw prevents moisture from your mouth getting on screen. This is an old pro photographers trick. actually really not a trick at all because it works. (Bendable straws are the best). Handy to have around to help clean off camera lenses as well as eye glasses