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Introduction: Put an Image for Your Account

I will be showing some of you people who need help on adding a picture as an avatar or for your instructable. Here are some step-by-step instructions how to do this.

Please, feel free to add any comments, and some tips for this instructable.

Below, This is mine after i uploaded it.

Step 1: Get to the Settings

First, you must go to your account home.

As you can see, the mouse is on the "You", button thing next to the triangle. Scroll your mouse thing over it and select Upload Images.''

Click, Change Images''

If you want to change any of your personal settings, you can also do it.

Step 2: Upload Your Image to Your LIBRARY

Use your Digital CAMERA, and plug it into your computer using the connection cord thing.

Click IMPORT IMAGES, then select any image you want for instructables, and drag it on your desktop.

Press the Browse button, then press desktop, click the images you want to upload.

You will see an upload images button, click that, wait, and then you have succesfully uploaded an image.

Step 3: Putting the Image As an Avatar

Your picture will now be in your LIBRARY, click the ADD button under the picture you want to upload.

Then wait, the picture on the bigger screen area ill be loading.

After it is done loading, cling the UPDATE IMAGE button.

You are now done, I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

Step 4: Putting the Picture on Your Instructable

After you have uploaded an image, click the "SUBMIT" button on the same row as where the "YOU" button is.

Click new Instructable

Scroll down, and you will see your images from your library after you have followed the previous steps to upload images, click the "ADD" button, and you are done!

Thank you to Killerjackalope and Weissensteinburg for giving good tips. I will soon try them



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    nice instructable. very helpful

    Kind of an "in" joke... Have you met RoBot yet?

    It won't work on mine. =(
    Does the pic have to be a certain size?

    oh my god i dint get it

    Sorry kinda went off on one because of this

    I'll be good, and by the way the button we were mentioning should be in the top right corner of your key board beside 'scroll lock' mine looks like this


    again apologies

    oh, where's the clipboard? i can't find it anywhere or whatever the thing is called

    if you hit the print screen button then the snapshot is in the clipboard, so go open paint and use paste (ctrl + v) and the snapshot will be pasted in as a new image.

    It's not something you go to..it just means you have something copied. For instance, if you highlight this text, and push "Ctrl+C", the text will be on your clip board. Just push "Ctrl+V" to paste the screen shot.